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My name is Yola and I am interested in living and working in Sudan for about one year to a year and a half.

Looking for a furnished one bedroom apartment and willing to do a home exchange if anyone is interested in moving to North Florida for the same period of time. The dates are flexible.

Also interested in teaching English as a second language and my command of the Arabic language is excellent. Grew up in the Middle East and hold a Master's in Counseling Psychology from the University of North Florida.

Putting this out in case someone has a tip for me and appreciate what may come my way.

Cheers  :-o)

yola welcome you in our sudan.
firstly ,about apartment that you want ,what area ex you want, and what suitable price that you 'll pay monthly.
about you like to teach english ،there are many international schools you can work in it..

Thank you for responding.
I am looking for a rent not to exceed $500 per month, especially since i am willing to move before i find work. I could go higher if i have a job.
If you have names of schools where i can apply fir a teaching job, i would really appreciate it. I was also thinking of advertizing to teach private lessons once I got there.
Again, so good to hear from yiu and have a great day.

These are some school names in khartoum:
1-Khartoum international community school (kics) 00249183215000
2- khartoum higher international schools

Hi Yola

Nony13 have answered some of your question.

What i would like to add is:

- For flat i maybe its good idea to come here and rent a flat for one month then explore where you really like since its long term.

- Private lessons may be hard due to SDG USD exchange rates, you can spend money in Sudan easily & it would buy more things than if you exchange to USD. As i remmeber teaching priate lesson 2 hours, 3 times a week is about 100 to 150 USD.

- If your only income is going to be from schools its better contact schools first to talk about salaries, my wife friend was working in Egypt for 1500USD, when she tried Sudan thy offered her 3000 SDG which is about 150USD.

- You can always think of investing, i know the word INVEST make you think of millions but u can start with even 10k or 5k USD. Work in Sudan is not very complicated like USA or Europe but u need to choose who you work with wisely.

Hope this help.


Hi Muhanned,

Thank you so much. This is very useful information.

I shall take your advice and rent for one month, before arriving next February.

I am also interested in the aspect of investing and hope to get as much advice as I can about it. I already lost a bundle of US dollars investing in the USA with an Iraqi who turned out to be a swindler. NOT my experience with any other Iraqi I had ever met, before or after; and I can see what you are referring to about being careful.

The private lessons, yielding $100-$150 per week would be definitely helpful. I am not going to depend on an income in Sudan to be able to live there, at least for the first year. If I can start a business that supports me there, I would stay longer.

Can't tell you how much I appreciate your feedback and advice. Wishing you a blessed day.

Thank Yola

I shoulda mentioned that the 100-150$ is in a month :).

Sudan is like most countries there is bad and there is good but aince ur a forigner the bad will try to get closer and try to take everything u get.

Its good that u had a bad experience thats how u learn it will make u spot liers easily.

Have a nice day

Good evening Muhanned,

I hope it is not too much to keep asking questions before I move to Sudan; hopefully.

I have looked at my finances and realized that I don't need to work while there. This is my time to give back to others and show gratitude for what I have been given in my life. Decided to do volunteer work while I live in Khartoum.

I had no idea that in order to obtain a visa, I have to have an invitation from someone who lives in Khartoum first. I spoke with the consul who encouraged me to send my resume, copy of my Master's degree and a letter of interest to the consulate in the US. She said she cannot promise anything but will see what the ambassador may say.

Do you have any advice for me just in case they insist that I get an invitation? Are you or your wife comfortable with possibly sending the invitation? I would be happy to call you and answer any questions you may have of me to see if you would invite me.

I am looking in every direction to make this come true because I want to use my Arabic/English skills to teach poor children, and don't want to end up going to the far East to teach English. Too far from the US where my children live and I don't speak any of their languages.

Thank you Muhanned for listening to me and may your day be blessed regardless of the response.

Leaving it all in God's hands.

Hi Yola

Thanks :)

Invitation is really not an issue, i never did before but i know its easy to send one so when your really ready to travel let me know before 1-2 months.

I am not very involved with volunteer work so its better to search online and check for organizations that work in Sudan, or some other way after you arrive.

If i may ask what kind of volunteer work your planning to do???

Thank you..... thank you!

My heart has always been tender towards children and I have done a lot of volunteer work to benefit them in my life. I can teach English or help children who have been in some way traumatized. My degree is in couseling psychology.

I am planning on leaving in January and already getting my things sorted out so I can rent my home out. It is not essential that I rent it but it would be a great plus.

Again, please let me know if you need to know anything else about me. I know I am being driven by the will of God who has blessed my life in many ways.

Wishing you well

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