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Hi all,

Newbie on the Uruguay forum? Don’t know how to start?

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We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Uruguay if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

I am an American married to an Indian chef ... yum!  We have been living in India for most of the last 7 years but are ready for a change.  Needless to say, the rupee doesn't go very far anywhere else in the world!  So we're looking for investors who want to help us realize a dream and to bring culinary diversity to a country that needs a bit of spicing up!

Saji is a hotel trained chef of North and South Indian cuisine, with work experience in Mumbai and Kerala. I am a 22 year veteran of the restaurant and hotel industry.  Between us, we are ready to make the perfect small restaurant happen.  We know that vegetarian and ethnic foods are hard to find in both Uruguay and Argentina, and we're ready to change that. Given the increase in Expats, the expansion of foreign companies in the region, and the increased visibility of Uruguay on the international circuit, we feel the time is ripe to open a small boutique Indian restaurant on the coast.  We've got the skills, but we need help with the dough!

If anyone is interested in being a part of this, either as an investment opportunity or just because they're dying for some authentic Indian cooking, please let me know.  Also, if you know of any resources that can help us get this dream machine off the ground, I would love to hear from you!!!

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Hola a tod[at]s
Quiero vivir en Uruguay. ..tengo un hijo de 13 años y estamos planeando emigrar de Chile.
Me encanta Montevideo.
Soy secretaria.
Lo primero es buscar arriendo y un trabajo.

pazvaleni :

Hola a tod[at]s
Quiero vivir en Uruguay. ..tengo un hijo de 13 años y estamos planeando emigrar de Chile.
Me encanta Montevideo.
Soy secretaria.
Lo primero es buscar arriendo y un trabajo.

Hi and welcome to the forum.
As this is an Anglophone forum could you please post in ENGLISH so that others can understand your post. Thank you.

HI,,, I am 63 looking to retire in Cuenca. I currently live in Durham North Carolina, USA... I know nothing about leaving the United States, but I want to see the world.

Hi I m Prabhu sharma from india want to take permanent residents of Uruguay for me my wife and three small kids all are under 10 years with me my parent also living they are 65 plus and my father retired from government department and getting his pension my mother house wife as same my wife home maker .

I want to know how much time required for PR and how much money what documents required too .


Hi, I live in India and want to move to Uruguay. Can anyone tell me what kind of jobs are available for a young intelligent guy willing to slum it out. I am an engineer by training, and currently work as a UX Designer in Samsung. However, that is beside the point, since I am a quick learner and I am willing to do any kind of work if it enables me moving into Uruguay. I am OK in Englih too, OK wnough I guess to teach English to other people, so jobs of that kind are welcome t oo.
Thanks in advance for any info or contacts taht you can send my way. :)

Hello, Nayan here from Uruguay recently moved here Punta del este is great place to live in Uruguay. If you need more information i would definitely guide you. Thanks, Nayan Raval

Hello I will be moving to Montevideo in Dec2014 until Jun2015 to take some time out for myself and to rewrite training programs for my business. I'm very much looking forward to integrating with the Uruguayan lifestyle while I make some good progress refocussing my business from physical workshops to virtual workshops. It's the first time I will not be a day to day Mum as both my sons, 21 & 17yo are studying at universities in China. I am not a Spanish speaker but look forward to learning the language and to learn to dance Salsa! Playing tennis, golf and sailing regularly will be something I want to do more of and a great way to meet people. I'm yet to secure an apartment so if anyone has a recommendation I would welcome that. If I can reposition my business successfully via virtual delivery mediums, it will mean I can live in Montevideo as a permanent home. I enjoy South America very much, with the little I've seen, and the research I have done about Uruguay, signals an ideal place for me to live. I'm in touch regularly with the wonderful team at the Uruguay Embassy in Canberra and they are so encouraging and inclusive. I look forward to meeting and talking with the expat community in Uruguay and am open to any advice you care to offer. I will be applying for residency on arrival. I am from Melbourne, Australia and have lived in most Australian capital cities and several countries. Canberra has been my home for the past 18years and I'm ready for a new beginning having divorced in recent years. I am fit, socially engaged and enjoy travel and the company of good people. I'm also planning to visit Machu Piccu and the Galapagos Islands during mid to late Jan2015 with my sons, so that will be a wonderful introduction to two very special places in South America. To get a sense of my work, I've included my LinkedIn profile for an overview of my professional background and to link with those who may want to connect with me. I look forward to meeting many of you over the summer break and during my time in a wonderful part of the world. Warmly, Lisa

We have been here three years from Canada. We had a short visit to NZ and Sydney last March and found it more expensive than Uruguay but not as much as you might hope!

You might want to join the Facebook group here for help with accommodation and other issues

Here it is usual to pay a five month deposit and one month to a realtor when renting long term. Most longterm rentals are unfurnished including no appliances. Also you are responsible for any repairs needed during your stay. There are some very unsafe areas in MVD these days so be careful where you choose, even taxis etc. will not go into some areas.

Residency is taking over two years these days in most cases, and you will need someone to go with you if you are not fluent in Spanish. It is a lot more complicated than some imply. Even if someone in Immigration takes the papers you give them, it does not mean they will be acceptable to the many people who inspect them behind the scenes.  Often no will tell you they have put your file aside and it will just sit there until you go in and inquire. Be careful who you pick to assist you, some expats have had all their documents lost by someone helping them and had to start again after paying the first person quite a lot of money.

We are happy here, I would not live in MVD but I do not like city life. You may want to check out Colonia, Punta del Este, Atlantida and Piriapolis which are much quieter and smaller.

Hello Morell  Thanks for taking the time to share such useful information.  Good advice re delays for the immigration process.  I will monitor that actively. 

Would you mind telling me the unsafe places in MVD please as I'm short listing apartments now?  Many thanks, Lisa

Areas considered safest are Carretas and Pocitos, Cordon, Malvin and Buceo are OK too and possibly a little cheaper  I believe.  There are general concerns about safety in MVD including muggings, shootings, robberies, break ins  etc. especially after dark. The big street markets are prime areas for pickpockets and finding stolen goods.

More stores are now locked at all times and you have to ring a bell to be let in. Some restaurants have armed guards at the door to let you in at night.

Here is a link to recent stories in the newspaper El Pais

Hi folks, Jim and Marcia here. A couple of Alaskan commercial fishermen who spend half a year here in Aguas Dulces  and the other half on our boat in Southeast Alaska. We fell in love with Uruguay a few years ago and have since bought a little house here. What else? We are also coffee roasters and hopefully will be roasting some good coffee here by the new year. Having an interesting time trying to import a roaster and green beans. We are not yet fluent in Spanish but trying our best to learn the language. We are kind of far from Montevideo for the expat meetings but would like to be more in contact. Thanks, Jim & Marcia

Hello Friends,
Yesterday i have horrible experience from one of our expat members. Actually i asked for the suggestion and the person offer me and i feel that he was Racist, Opportunist and Exploiting people . I recommend to All our members when any of member ask for direction don't drag him in Well instead of giving water...this is not mankind and i think if this will happen here in Puntadel Este no one will come here to settle down in Uruguay.
God we see that person!!!

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Hi my name is Martyn I live on vancouver Island British Columbia Canada,I'm thinking about moving to Uruguay,I was born in Liverpool,England  til I was 10 years old,I have lived in Denmark for a total of 30 years,Canada for 20 years, that makes me 60,witch I turned a month ago.
It would be really nice to communicate with somebody,have a great day.

Hi I just arrived here a couple of weeks ago and will be working here for a couple of years, my first time in South America and would love to meet up with some new friends and get to know more about Montevideo.. Have lived in The Netherlands for many years before I moved here. Look forward to finding more about this beautiful country.

Hi every one .
I am new on this forum and this is my first post.
I live and work in hospital in Brunei darussalam . Brunei is small country near Singapore and Malaysia.
I like to go Uruguay in May 2015. I dont have any friend in Uruguay and going first time and wish to make nice friend.
I like to travel and so far i seen 28 countries of the world.
i wish to meet some one in Uruguay or near by with similar attitude.
I am medical graduate and have 12 years experience.
all are well come to reply if they wish.

Hi There All!

I am Uruguayan born and Australian raised. Although this is my mother country, I feel more Australian than Uruguayan, so now that I've re-migrated to Uruguay, I'm a sort of Expat with benefits!
My Spanish is perfect but still get asked if I'm from abroad, I assume it's because I stray from the norm, outspoken, extroverted...  I recently moved into the little big city (Montevideo) and even though I do know some people from work, I'd like to broaden my social group & be in contact with like minded people. I'm finding it difficult to come across community activities, I want to get to know the real Uruguay... so far I've been living in a bubble & not the real deal Uruguay.
I was fortunate enough to visit last Sunday, the markets called "Tristan Narvaja" in the city. H U G E !!! Loved seeing a wide variety of stuff, from fruits and veggies, to clothes and furniture, antiques and so much stuff I cant even name! Used false teeth were one of the items that caught my attention... Unfortunately they weren't my size. ;) 
Later that evening I was taken to see a group of women playing the drums "Candome" OMG... I was in a sea of pure magic. I had never been in the middle of such a large crowd that was shared completely by gender, ages, social classes, races... You name it, they were there, dancing, playing the drums or just enjoying watching others enjoy. It was truly amazing, my face literally hurt at the end of the night from the constant ear to ear smile on my face.
So if anyone knows of any activity going on downtown, or where one can find this info ( I've found plenty of sites, but all have out-dated info) please share and maybe we can meet & greet. I'd also love to get a group together and do some kind of sport or outdoorsy activities.
Chau for now :kiss:

Highly Skilled System Administrator looking for opportunities abroad.   We have been looking into Uruguay for our first expat experience, based on the stable government, stable economy, and wonderful culture.   We only speak a little Spanish, but we are using Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish.  My wife is a media director, and I am an informatics specialist for the healthcare industry.   We can afford to relocate, but we would like to secure employment before making the move.  We have 4 young children, and we are in our 30's. 
I have a home that is paid for in Augusta Maine USA, we would be will to do a houseswap, or a house trade.  The house is a 4 bedroom 1 bath house, on a hill overlooking the beautiful Kennebec River.

You will be disappointed in the wages, cost of living, public schooling and the housing here compared to where you are now.

Although the healthcare is acceptable here, my doctor writes everything down in a paper file, you personally have to go and collect test results or Xrays from the office it is done in and take it back to show the doctor but I can make appointments online. You keep your own records and take them with you for appointments.

You can check a few of the major Mutualistas that provide healthcare - Asociacion Espanola, Medica Uruguaya and Hospital Britanico online.  There are links for employment opportunities on their websites. There are others if you search for Mutualistas here.

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Thanks for the advice.  I will join the facebook group!

I bring a sufficient income.  We have some rental properties in the USA.  My wife and I do freelance writing too.

I would like to do computer work in Uruguay, but if I can't find work, we can live off what we currently bring in.

I really love the political situation in Uruguay compared to the USA.  The USA is getting more and more unstable.

This is the home that I would like to trade for a place in Montevideo. 

Ref; … gid=432630

It's paid for, I have the deed.   I want to trade straight across for something, even a flat would be acceptable.

You can expect to pay around $100,000 US for an apartment in Mvd in a safe area with at least two bedrooms. Cash only here unless you have worked here at a steady job for two years, then you might qualify for a short mortgage at a high rate. There are also some private mortgage providers but you can pay over 15% interest.

Websites that will give you an idea of prices and the space you get for the money are

Closing costs add another 9 - 10% of the asking price.  Paying less than the asking is not that common although some Argentine owners are more anxious to sell than usual.

Annual rentals are available and usually require a 5 month deposit.

Hi everybody,

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If actually some members have some questions, i invite you to create your own thread on the Uruguay forum.

Thank you

Priscilla  :cheers:

Hello from Las Vegas Nevada.  Have made two visits to Uruguay.  Once in 2011 for a couple of weeks and in 2012 for  two months. Planned on moving there to do a new business in a Free Zone.  My backers lost their funding and I had to come back to the USA.

Have traveled all over the world and met some of the nicest people in Uruguay.  Now helping others fund their projects around the world and still may be getting back for there for good.

Robert Olson

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Hallo there everyone.

My name's Michael and I'm a 39 year old white male from Cape Town South Africa. I love travelling and meeting new people with different cultures.
I lived in Germany Frankfurt am Main for 9 years and came back to South Africa in 2006.
The last four years I am working as a Safety Facilatator that's takes me across the country almost on a weekly basis. I love my job as I get to work with people from all walks of life.
I live in a beautifull country, mountains, forests, rivers, wild life, adventure, so many cultures and the best of all , we had Nelson Mandela.
I am not married and also don't have any children.
I am seriously looking at moving/imagrating to Uruguay, I have heard of many South Africans living there. They love the country , culture, food but most of all they are safe.
The recent times in South Africa things have gotten very bad if you are white. The last 21 years of Democracy 80 000 white people was murderd. For this very reason of uncertainty I need to look abroad. Would like and appreciate to hear from people there how they did it to get the paperwork in order. Where did they start their journey and are there any agencies in Uruguay that can assist with a move to your country.
Thanks for your time.

Hello ! Nayan im an Indian citizen age 38 yrs. A sikh businessman interested to migrate to Uruguay .
So want to know about lifestyle , education, safety and business  prospects , job prospects
So i can plan my future and moreover if ur in uruguay fr  reasonable time so u can guide me in a better way .
So if u r available on whatsapp / viber / mail i.d pls. Send me details so i can talk to u regarding life in uruguay .
Pls. Note my contacts :

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I am sachin kumar new to this blog site. I am planning to migrate and need following information.
Please guide.
1. Is it safe country for family? 

2 are jobs easily available for English speaking people or Spanish mandatory? 

3. How much is average living expenses.

4. What are minimum wages? 

I shall be grateful for providing above mentioned info

Warm regards
Sachin kumar


These are my opinions only!

Yes it is safe especially if you locate somewhere other than Montevideo.
No, jobs can be hard to come by. There are some teaching English but most require proper qualifications. The preferred accent is English from the UK. Otherwise you need fluent Spanish. Government jobs are reserved for Uruguayan citizens only.
You can find relative costs on Numbeo. It is quite expensive here compared to wages which are low. Average monthly income is between $500 and $1000 US. Many work two or more jobs. Many folk only get Sundays off.
The economy is suffering due to the downturn in both Brazil and Argentina resulting in a lot of layoffs, reduced sales and reduction in tourists from those countries.


Everything is cool here, no worries man.

Gracias. Les agradezco sobremanera.

Hi.  My name is Ryan.  I currently reside in the Rocky Mountains within the U.S borders.  I'm a thirty two year old guy.  I'm educated, intelligent, happy, kind, loving, and steadfast.  I've loved the time that I've spent here in the states thus far, but my life chapter in the U.S is closing.  I'm very eager to join life in Uruguay and see where I can make the most of helping in my life and the others around me.  This is so exciting and I'm just getting started.  I deal well with whirlpools of confusing questions, doubts, and the such.  The experience is for growth.  Growth will happen beautifully if one allows for it.  I can't wait to hear from all of you.


Hi. There usedd to be an indian restaurant in Mo tevideo bit ot did not last. Ethnic food does not work with Argentinias or Uruguayans. They only want meat. Forget it. Try the same venture in Chile or Peru. There you have a chance.

fraanca :

There used to be an indian restaurant in Montevideo (which) did not last. Ethnic food does not work with Argentinias or Uruguayans. They only want meat. Forget it.

As Priscilla mentioned in Report #28, this thread is reserved for intros, and other issues should be discussed on other threads.

However, Fraanca's opinion is worthy of further discussion.

Ipso facto, I have created the new Uruguay forum thread "Ethnic Food?  Forget It...."

Here is the link: … 71#3000268

-- cccmedia in Ecuador

Hi Everyone

My name is Marlene and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I want to retire in Uruguay  in 18 months to 2 years.  To learn more about the country and its people,  I will be in Uruguay for two weeks in September.

I believe this thread is only for introduction, so I'll ask my questions in a different thread :-)

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