Import duty tax


We just arrived in Chiang Mai with most of our stuff.  However a few more items remain in Canada and need to be shipped.  Priority number one is my new laptop. Only now am I hearing se horror stories about duty tax. Is there anyone out there who can clarify aces things for me:
What can I expect to be dinged for this computer?
Are electronics not exempt?
Will declaring it as a Gift help matters?
Finally, is there anyone reading this in N.america who is on their way over here b4 months end who'd be willing to transport this for me?

Many thanks for your help!


Hi Stephen how did you go on? I'm in the same boat at present cannot get a straight answer? thanks

I'm planning to bring my electronics mostly as checked in luggage on the plane.
I'll probably want to ship a box with some household items and personal papers. I think I will avoid most duties that way? I'm not sure.

I have taken electronics on plane before no issues, laptops, pen drives external hdd etc, think may be duty on electronics on shipping? I know I'm allowed 1 item each, like tv, fried, microwave etc, if multiples then they think your selling so charge you tax

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