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Hi, my name is Stephen, I am an american and I just moved to Lisbon from Amsterdam,N.L.. I am a qualified and experienced Chef and I am hoping to work freelance in Lisbon. I believe they use green receipts (recibos verdes) for that but I was wondering how to go about getting an N.I.F. number (Número de Identificación Fiscal). I was told that I need someone to represent me. Does this have to be a future employer? If i have a letter from a company that wants to use my services would this count? I am in possession of a residency permit from the Netherlands and have an appointment with the S.E.F. to exchange it for a portuguesse one on the 3rd of October. Will they supply me with a N.I.F.?

You need to go to your local Financas office to obtain the NIF.  No appointment, just take a number and wait. It's completely separate from SEF. I believe I brought additional documentation, probably my passport as well as a certificate from the local Junta de Freguesia attesting to my address. 

In my case I already had my Residency Permit, and no fiscal representative was necessary.  So it might be different in your situation.  Good luck!


Am Rahim I got Norwegian residency but presently in Lisbon looking for Portugal residency. I went to local Finance office for N.I.F but they told me to get a permission from SEF. Did you get your N.I.F number as well as exchanged your residency permit

When you go to the finance bureau to ask for a NIF.

1. If you are European, living in Europe, You only need passport.
2. If you are not European, You will need a fiscal representative to go with you, can be anyone as long as he is resident in Portugal.

Why? It is a guarantee for the finance bureau, because you not European, if you don't assume your fiscal obligations and you disappear tomorrow,  they will have someone to be accountable for you. As simple as that :)

I did that many times already for Chinese customers moving to Portugal

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