New in Accra and feeling lonely


My name is Shweta and i am from India.I am a housewife with 7 yrs old son.

New to this blog. New in Accra. Come along with my husband who is on a project for a year over here. Just wanted to make friends hve some gettogethers with families and like minded people.

Will appreciate ur response.

Hi Shwets!

Welcome to!
I hope the forum will help you make new friends.


Hope you will be able to make contacts with other mothers at your son's school.
Look on accraexpat for events and go along and chat to people. Many people come to Ghana and are anxious to make new friends.
Good luck

thank you so much. I intend to do the same. thank you again for your advice.

Welcome and don't worry,you will be able to make friends in Ghana even through Expat-blog.Welcome...

Hi pretty

will like to be your friend if u are still looking for one ,here is my phone number 0261944274 you can call me Dan

Thank you. I am looking forward to making lots of friends here.


I am i about to live my country by august and will be transfer in ghana.

Hope I can meet filipinos in there.

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Making friends here is eazy and good once is important

Yes, u r so right about making right friends.

you can be my friend.

Hello mestel.

Would you mind introducing yourself to the other members?


Karen :)

Hi mestel,
welcome to!
Please can you introduce yourself.
you are welcome and hoping that you will find right and good friends.You are very welcome.

Hi good morning
Rigobert  Member of like you, at the moment in Accra. Nice to meet you here. I would like to know you better . You can also get more about me just by having a view of my profile or by sending me a mail to [Moderated: avoid posting all your personals details on the Forum pls + use the private message]

Have a nice day

hi, im yanzel we can be friends

HI  indian here,  I hv been in Ghana before and comming again in mid october, hope we can be friend, I live in Accra, whr do you live

Hi good morning

I am Rigobert Member of living at the moment in Accra . Nice to meet you here,  you can also get more about me by having a view on my profile or call [Moderated: pls avoid posting personal details for safety reasons]

Kindly yours

I am Senegalese I am a member of couchsirfing and I think we c dejas croier have accra I am accra nima give your position so that we can meet

be sure of the friends you make dear

welcome to accra nice to have u as a friend bye chat to u later am eric also in accra .

Hello Fellow,
i am happy meeting you on this are welcome to Ghana and enjoy the Ghanaian hospitality. i am sorry to hear that you are lonely. Enjoy the good staff around. however you can contact me on 0207254729 to listen to some interesting stories of our land.

thank u so much everybody. So far have experienced very warm people here.

wassaaaa wanna be your tour guide.

Email me. Or call 0244313929.  I also want to make friends

Hello Dear,

If it is about site seeing and knowing other places of interest in Ghana then, I am the right person for you now.

Indeed, I can also assist you in whichever program, assignment etc you wish to undertake to enable you feel lively and good in Ghana.

[Moderated: pls send your personal details via a private message].


hi  I'm jyoti and have recently shifted to accra ,and at present trying to like this place though there are times I love it and at times hate it too because I miss my friends and life back home,would love to hear from you and may be meet up some day.

Thank dear.

Just contact me anytime you are ready for hangout. I am at your service.

Best wishes

Jyoti check ur inbox pls..

Hello I am Senegalese and I life has accra I came to discover the country and perfect my not English


Please what is your name and how best do you need me to assist you?

Kind regards,

Hi Cheeri,
sorry for late reply... I m in east legon.. have you cm here as yet??

Hi we are planning to move to Accra in January 2014.
please get connected on malinichoodan[at]

An acres of Land for sale in Greater Accra -Ghana

Good guys come soon, ek se bhale do , keep in touch


My name is Ameen .Hope u and your family are well, Im from South Africa and im here on a six month contract. It can get quite lonely especially on the weekends. I try sight-seeing and going to restaurants on the week-ends.

Hi Jyoti.... i know the feeling ,  just got back from SA for another 5 months. The people are great here though, very hospitable. The week-ends are challenging .......i think ill tackle a few new restaurants this week-end .

you are welcome me to i am a senegalese man don't this is my number call me zero two four five zero two one eigth eight zero see soon
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