Likely coming to Sosua Thursday or Friday, let's meet up. Which day is better????

Thursday may be beach day. Should be around all day Friday.  Let me know.

Bob K

beachday is fine too honey....

what ever just let me know. As I am leaving back to NJ next week (mom again) Thursday I may be just about getting things done and NO beach :(

Bob K

The vacation is over,  ended on a strange note. Sorry Bob we did not get to Sosua!  And sorry you have to go back again, hope mom is okay honey.

My vacation was exactly what I needed.  I did what I wanted when I wanted.  And guess what,  I mostly   chilled.   I had some dinners with friends,  some pool time, a bit of beach time,   a bit of dancing but not my usual pace. I was too damn tired.

But I enjoyed myself immensely!  I was amazed at some of the changes on the north coast and  it was good to see!!!   The  attitude seems to be much more upbeat and things are growing!

Back at the house,  the office etc, all is good in La Romana.  We went to a baseball game on Saturday and Sunday and that was way cool!!! Seriously  cool, I was downright cold in the evening breeze!  Hahahahahaha.

Back to work,  back to the normal routine and back to my dogs!    Lupita is doing well -  over  50 pounds now.  Zeus is not doing well  - he is over  60 pounds and he has  profound  hip dysplasia!  It is genetic and there is nothing you can do for him at this age.  In older dogs you limit weight and exercise and give meds.  Zeus  at times can barely get to his feet!  And he will continue to grow for another  8 to 12 months.  I am sad to say we will likely have to take drastic measures with him and it again will break my heart.

Glad you had a good time Planner!
Next time!

You bet and it won't be so long between  visits!!!

Glad you had a good time.  Sorry we missed you here on the hill.

Sorry to hear about Zeus. We have a 140 pound Rottie who has had mild dysplasia since a pup.  He has done well till now (8 years old) and is having problems with getting up sometimes and with stairs. But he is such a gentle soul we don't mind "working" with him.

Bob K

Zeus is almost  8  months old and already  cannot get up off the floor.  When he walks his gait is wrong and he is developing a huge hump look to his back. Its really bad Bob.

You are right it does not seem good.  You will have a hard decision to make in the near future.   I know you do not want him to suffer.

When thinking of my Mom's and my wife's Mom's situation I am convinced we treat our  animals better than our humans...

Bob K

Oh my  I hope not Bob,  meaning your mum's I hope they are treated well!!!!

And yes I have a very hard decision to make and I am dreading it.

Letting go has a few things to consider sis. First it might be a reason to just provide a broken situation relief from suffering. This is not wrong. Its is mercy. Also if there is a chance it would allow another to move on while at the same time providing a relief from unneccesary suffering, again this would help in the decision. I know you have considered many options, I am here to support whatever decision you should make.

Ok leaving for Tennessee today for  my 3 year annual medical checkup with my US doctor.  Getting tired of the run around and incompetence of most of the Docs here I have seen.  I will be staying at a friends house for a week and believe it or not they have NO computer and NO internet.  So unless I get them to take me to a starbucks every so often I will be out of circulation till next Wednesday when I get to NJ to my Mom's house and once again connected to the world :D

Back here the 27th of January.

Bob K

Connected to the world? Enjoy the quiet time Bob. Your not not missing out.

Thanks  Groby for your words! It helps.  Take care of yourself Bob!

Yep it will be an interesting trip.

Hast Luego

Bob K

I have enjoyed my time here in paradise, now it is time to go back to the land of the band. The out of tune band. Especially the TRUMP-et section where apparently optaining first chair has become possible without much practice and finess. OK, its off my chest. If you have no idea what I am refering to, you are blessed. Untill I return again saludos y bendiciones a todo.

My time at the Carnival in Santiago on Sunday was an experiance. Like planner suggested, I need to do it just to experianxe it. There were some anxious moments however it was worth the effort.

I remember well my first  Carnaval and it was enough for me.....LOL   

Sorry  I've been off line for the last several days,  I moved.  Yes it was a big move.  My job that I loved ended and it was not a nice way for it to end.   As I lived in a house provided for me by the company  I had no option but to move.

If I was going to move I was going where I wanted to.  I am now back in Puerto Plata.  Its been a really stressful  3 weeks and things are now settling down thank goodness.
I will update everyone on the process, the struggles and the  wonderful things that happened as well!

Sorry planner to hear your job ended. Always very stressful to go through that. There never is a easy way.

It is never easy but there are easier ways to make it happen.  I must say I learned one heck of a lot about things that were outside my wheelhouse!  Wow.

And now life goes on.  I am around my long time friends and have been  so fortunate with the house I have moved into!   Lots more on that soon!

How sad Planner. We all know you really loved
your new career. Oh well you are a survivor.
Just another stone in the rocky road of life.
See you soon, maybe.

Absolutely honey, I will be out your way soon!

Wow what a turnaround.  Sorry but I had a suspicion that something was up.  Anyway welcome back to the neighborhood.  Let me know a time so we will get together .

Have you a job here on the NC?

Bob K

Thanks Bob!!!! Yes we will get together.  Job - nope, I am going to stick with consulting and do my own thing again . 

See you soon!!!

Sorry Planner,

Hugs and remember if you come our way you have a place to stay!

Thanks honey!!!


I should call this “a month in the life” as I have now been gone from the DR for just over a month.  I left on the 26th of April to meet Pat (wife unit) in Denver for a week of vacation (snowed the whole week we were there) and then for me on to New Jersey for a week with my elder and ailing mom before heading home to the DR.  So on my last day on the east coast we were visiting my Brother in upstate NY she got very sick and we ended up in the hospital with her on a respirator for 48 hours and then in the ICU for    a week.
We finally convinced her that she could no longer live independently and would need help and  should move to an independent/assisted senior living community (she is 88 years old).  We have been trying to convince her of this for over a year, but she always refused saying those places were for “old” people.
So 10 days ago Pat joined me in New Jersey to pack up her apartment where she had lived for over 20 years.  She should have been on an episode of the “Hoarders” on TV.  It took us 7 days of packing (12-14 hours a day) to get it done.  Then 2 days to unpack her stuff at the new place and then only 70% unpacked.  My brother will be stuck doing the rest.
So now finally today we are starting our trip back to the DR.  First a quick stop in South Carolina to get some business done and then home to the DR on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Wow I certainly miss the place and cannot wait.
So once back I can get more active on the forum here as my “work will be done”
Bob K

Ahhh  honey you have been missed.  Glad to hear you are coming back.    What a saga and what a lot of stress and work for you both! 

See you soon.

In North Carolina now and home Wednesday. 

Bob K

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