Looking for baby groups in hcm


My name's Duong and Vietnamese (of course) :), have a 10months baby, mix German and Vietnamese.

Since we came back VN end of July, my baby doesn't have many friends, most likely papa and mama so i would like to meet new mothers and babies and let the babies play together.

So if anyone interest, please contact me and we could meet for coffee and let our babies play together :)

Hello Duong.

Welcome to! :)


Hi Duong,

Where are you living in HCMC? District?

We have just recently moved here with our 5 month old baby girl and would like to meet other parents and babies



Hello Claire!

Welcome to Viet Nam :)

Currently we are staying district 7, Phu My Hung area. If your place is near by, maybe we could meet and have a coffee. I'm sure our baby Ayden would be happy to meet his new friend :).

Looking forward to seeing you guys.

Hi there,

I have 14 months old baby boy. Hope to find new friend for my baby, too.

There is a breast feeding group that meets at the Crescent Mall - they have a meeting room.

Just be careful of pickpockets in the mall.

Whilst there, go down to Basement 1, and check out the baby supplies, in Giants, to the right of the front section (beyond the booze) and the baby items in the rear of the store about 4 aisles from the R/H side.

Sign up for PhuMyHung Neighbours Group on Google and you will discover no end of mothers.

Hi ,we have been  here for a month and I have a 18 months daughter We live in district 7 I hope we can make new friends soon:)

Hi there, we are new to hcm and living in phu my hung too. Are there any mom's who would like to meet up and let the kids play? I have a 2 year old boy.

Hello Wahchay  :cheers:

Just for info, this thread is 14 months old! :D Hope you get responses though, if not please do not hesitate to create a new thread.


Hi there,
My son is now 27 1/2 months old but yes we still can catch up 😊
How about Phu My Hung area as we are living here if thats ok to you too ot in d1???

Pls drop me a message and we will talk later.


Hi! We just moved to HCM a couple weeks ago. I have a 28 mo old daughter and it would be nice to meet other moms too and maybe find a playmate for my baby too :) we're staying at D3. :)

Hi moms!

Still interested in playdates? :)
3 y.o. in Sky Garden

Best regards,

Hi everyone,

Not sure if you all could get this text or not but i'd like to give it a try.

How about catching up this weekend, Sunday morning in PMH? Any suggestion about a friendly coffee shop to meet up and the kids can hang out would be appreciated.


Hi! Nice to meet you!
My name is Dasha, i am russian and my husband is vietnamese. But we were living in japan for 7 years, thats why we are like foreigners here :)
I have 1 year 3 monthh old son, so if you would like, we could let them play when you have time!

Hi Dasha,

I will go to Snap cafe tomorrow around 9 ish in the morning. If you could join, pls come and hang out together. I also will meet another mom too, for sure there will be lots of fun for kids and moms 😀


hi all! I'm from Singapore and will be moving over to HCMC coming Nov with my 10 month old baby. Am keen to meet up with other mummies with babies/kids for playdates, and also to get to know more people.

Not sure if this thread is still active, but if there's any gathering or activity in Nov, I'll be keen to join :)


Hi all,
its good to see this thread. I am from UK with a VIetnamese husband. I have two childnre, 8mths and 3.5 yo and we will be moving to district 7 in Nov time. It would be great to connect with other mums and children in the area.

Hi Gilly,
It must be quite tiring to take care of 2 young babies like this at the same time :)

My wife and I have a 1Y old daughter. Drop a message if you want to drink a coffee or so.

Hi, good to hear from you - lets meet up when we get to HCMC, currently expecting to be there in mid Nov.

hi all,

will be keen to meet up as well sometime in mid-end nov if there are any gatherings :)

Hi guys, I have a 2 yrs old girl. And I'm excited to meet up with some others little babies so we can have fun. (Moms and kids 😊😊😊) I live in Dist 7. Around Phu My hung area.

hi All,
thanks for your replies. We have now moved to District 2 (ward An Phu) and are settling into the hot weather. It would be great to catch up with some or all of you, Shall we create a meet up? At present I am free most of the week, though its good to get out in the monring, leaving the afternoon for the children to snooze. Those that have been in the city for a while may know a child friendly place to meet..... Hope to see you soon, G

hi Dudummo,
we have moved to An Phu, District 2. Let me know if you would like to meet up with children in the next few days. We could try Snap Cafe that Ayden's mum mentioned some posts ago.
Take care

Hi guys,
My two year old brother and I would love to catch up with other kids his age!
We live in the Thao Dien Ward!

hi Hannah
you sound very close to us - how about meeting at snap cafe one morning during the week? Snap Cafe is in Tran Ngoc Dien street, Thao Dien
take care

Hi Gilly
That sounds like lots of fun we definately should!

Hi all,
I’ve been here in HCMC for 2 months now with my young son (1yo), looking for playgroups for both of us to make friends. But there doesn’t seem to be any. So I propose to start a playgroup - parent or carer attends with child/children up to 5yo and no fees. Anyone interested in this idea, please meet at SOZO CAFÉ , DISTRICT 2, on FRIDAY 29TH FEBRUARY at 3.30PM to agree more details. Hope to see you there, Gilly

Hello Gillyle,

Excellent idea.

I invite you to publish your event of 29th February in the Events in Ho Chi Minh City.

You will be able to manage the event by inviting members to join. They will be able on their side to confirm their presence or not for the event.

Thank You,
Best Regards,

I would love too, but my son is just 46 days old :P

Hi Ntckhai
all babies and children of any age up to 5 would be welcome; its good to make friends.
Hope to see you


My family and I just moved to HCMC February 1st, and are currently set up in the An Phu area (Cantavil). My 1.5 year old daughter and I would love to come to the coffee on February 29!

I forgot my daughter is starting afternoon school at the International German School from 3-4pm, but we will definitely stop by after if the playgroup is still going on.

hi Anne, thanks for your post and welcome to Vietnam. The Cantavil sounds very comfortable! Sorry i didnt reply earlier and that we missed each other. How about meeting up in one of the coffee shops in Cantavil just after lunch (1ish), which seems to be a time that will suit both your daughter and my son. Take care, Gilly

I'd love to meet some time, although anytime before 12 is ideal, since Molly naps from 12-2, then she has school from 2:30-4pm. If morning is good for you, we could meet at the highlands coffee just next to the parkson mall under Cantavil?

hi Anne,
Highland Coffee would be just fine. My son sleeps from 9.30/10ish for so how about a morning coffee, around 8/8.30?

Hi moms,
Im riska from Indonesia. My family and i recently moved to HCM and we are living in truong sa, Pham van hai, tan binh. My husband is from Cape Town, South Africa. We got a child namely Karoo. She's 14 months old. Is there any baby gathering soonish ? We'd love to join.
Have a good day.



I'm studying German. Maybe I can help you somehow if you need a babysitter?

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