looking for Americans in the Verona area and nearby!

Have an amazing Saturday and thank you for all of your help.  I look forward to meeting you soon!

Hello all!

I have been spending a lot of time in Verona.  Last year, I did all of the touristy things - like museums and etc.  My husband and I enjoy many of the bars and restaurants here, but I am always interested in knowing more about where the locals (and ex-pats living here) wine and dine.  I love the wines of the region, as well as wine in general.

Also, having seen a few operas in the arena this summer and last summer, I would be interested in experiencing more of the cultural events in Verona in smaller venues, as well as throughout the rest of the year.  If there are other people who attend or are involved in cultural events, it would be great to go together.


I was replying to a post, and realised that it doesn't reply directly to that person's post.  I am often in Verona.  Are there meetups?  I looked at the "Meetup" group suggested by someone, and didn't find very many events going on.  Ideas?

Still love the touristy things!! Love living in Verona! Wine fest tomorrow!!

Hello, I live in Due Carrare, which is south of Padova a bit. 
I have lived in Italy for almost 7 years now, and after reading your post, I see we have some of the same things in mind.
I am also on as painterdave

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Will have to check out Due Carrare, no idea where that is, OK, nothing new about that! Since you have been here 7 years assume you are enjoying being in Italy. Where are you originally from? John and I are off Terni to see the Roman Falls end of the month? Have you been?

Hello, sorry for stepping in the discussion from nowhere but I've just found it while looking online for Americans expats near me.
I am Italian, living 12-15 miles north from Padua, and I'm looking for some people to talk some US English in front of a beer or a glass of wine, or as we usually do here, while eating pizzas.
Anyone likes the idea?


I imagine Verona is s distance to travel for wine and/or beer but would be delighted, my husband is fluent in both English and Italian!

Hi Dave! I have been to Italy many times in the past a Canadian how do you enjoy Italy after 7 years, how do you get around the 90 days, thing?

Thanks Dominic

Hello, I like Italy a lot, and have made some good friends.  Things are sometimes different and I do miss the variation of foods we have back in the states.  I have searched and been able to find products to make various foods, which has helped.
My most difficult thing is passing the driver test, and I finally did that, now I am taking driving lessons to do the  next step in January.  The whole thing is ridiculous and nothing but a money pit for Italy and the driving school.
You probably know this already.
How about you, here?

Was it totally in Italian? I love it here but have yet to even consider the driving test - would certaining take one of the courses first however!!

Hello, I am Dave and my blog is at:
You are smart to reach out, especially as it sounds like you are also in a small village.  Mine is  totally dead, and I miss Americans a lot.  My village is called Due Carrare and it is south of Padova on the way to Bologna.  If you are near this, we should have a coffee or lunch sometime.  I also go to Padova about once a week, right now I am involved with passing the driver test, and doing driving in a school auto. 
Take a look at my blog and if you think you want to meet we can make a plan.
Happy Belated Thanksgiving.
Dave Lester

I have been through the struggle of the test.  VERY difficult.  Get a book that has both  English and Italian explanation.  You have to have this as the language level they use on the test is high.  They also try to trick you by using double negatives and changing one word of the law so if you don't read Italian well or breeze by that one word, you miss the question.
There is also an AP that is great for study as you take the exact same questions that you will find on the test.  There are over 6,000 questions developed.  (Someone needed a job)...every test is 40 questions and you can only miss 4.  I took the test three times before I finally passed. 
Good  luck,

Hi Dave! I had an international drivers license think the longest i stayed was 2 months in Europe went over to Germany and Spain also, i lived in Costa Rica as an expat and am going there again in a few weeks to grow organic crops to feed needy children in Orphanages, dont miss the winter's here in Canada. The reason i ask about the 90 days in the Schengen area is the way around it in Costa Rica is you leave for 72 hours i would go to Panama or Nicaragua when i lived there, i know i can go to U.K. or Eastern block countries for 90 days there must be around it staying in Italy, or Spain anywhere in the Schengen countries.

Thanks Dominic

No way around it except buying italian lessons at a school for one year which gives you a renewal of one year. Expensive....

My ancestry is Italian and i can get by speaking Italian, how did you end up in Italy and are you of Italian decent? Are you retired or still work? I am looking at properties in Europe and one day will make it there, self storage conversion type of thing, always liked Europe, culture, people scenery architecture, way of life, will make it there eventually.


Would happy to meet up for coffee/lunch, just let us know!!

I know a friend when i lived in Costa Rica and will soon shortly once again Ricardo is from Verona. How is the weather there it is pretty far north cold a presume in the winter? Have been to Italy in the past many times not for a while will eventually take a trip there in the foreseeable future, how do you enjoy living there and where are you from?

Thanks Dominic

Hi Meg and all the others, sorry for my late reply but I'm working during day.
Obviously Verona is a little far for a beer, but not that much after all, especially if we set it up for a Saturday.
Do you know any place around for some good beer and eventually food there? A pub with soft music would be great!
Or we could meet in the middle. Where are you exactly? Verona center, east, north?

Invite is open to anyone else in the area. Dave?

Hello all,
I will be moving to Verona from March until May this  year (2016) with my husband and 2 sons (age 6 and 13) to work on a research project.  We have an apartment in Veronetta.  I am hoping to find some children the ages of my children so they are not bored while I am there.  Also I am looking to hire a nanny/tutor for while we work during the day.  Any help in finding such things is greatly appreciated as in any advice, really!  For now I am trying to  teach myself Italian and get ready for my project,
Thanks so much,

Hi Sally! I have been to Italy in the past many years ago, my ancestry is from there, how do you extend your stay for more than 3 months, noticed you been there for a while i am a Canadian.

Thanks Dominic

How about coming to a party and meeting tons of Americans. *

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Are there many American expats in Italy?  I have lived as an expat in Costa Rica in the past, like to try Italy and Europe would be involved with some business and like its culture where is the party Verona?


How do you stay for more than 90 days as a Canadian/American in the Schengen area Italy in particular?

Thanks Dominic

My family and I will be staying at the Villa about ten kilometers outside of Verona, we are six People
Would we have to take 2 taxis or users? Is it easy to get a taxi? Approximate cost to go 10 km into veona center? 

Hi we are coming to Verona next year 4 adults and 2 kids I and 10 what activities do u think the kids might like to do in the area? Can u suggest a good local vero a trattoria? Marv and  alexa

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Hi i read your post about moving to Verona in 2017. I am also about to move and was wondering how old your kids are, are they school age? Do they speak italian already? My son is 5 and I am worried about him catching up, he only speaks english at this point.

Moving to verona in february. Does anyone have advice to offer with respect fo apartments? I wanted to getbsomething lined up before arrival since I am starting new job 4 days later. It has been hard. Also if anyone has anything for rent, send me A message! I would be arrivig with mom and son.

I am currently not in Verona sorry i cannot answer your question all the best.


Hi Joy! Where you moving from anyway usa, Canada, U.K.


From toronto Canada

I am in Hamilton
also lived overseas and am going for dual residency in Italy do you have a number you can reach me at *

Thanks Dominic

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