Any expats in or near Ostuni. Puglia. ?

Hi everyone, my partner and I hope to buy a Trullo in the Ostuni area later in the year and would love to hear if there are any expats in the area. I am English but  Dad was Italian and my partner is from Australia. We have both been self employed for most of our lives and now want a peaceful and happy retirement but would also like to meet any English speaking people that have already made the move and have integrated.

Hello Denis,

My husband and I live in Martina Franca a total of 3 years on and off. It is beautiful here the people, food and sea. We are here until February if you come this way soon. We could recommend Many places and things to do


There are quite a few Brits in Ostuni, many of them part-time but you'll find plenty of English speakers around town.

Many thanks for that. I get by with some basic Italian but feel really awkward when it comes to things like dealing with the Comune, Doctors and ordering stuff and being retired we are a bit too old in the tooth to start sitting in a classroom learning the language.Obviously, we hope to try hard to fit in and learn as much as we can but it's always good to have someone to go to if you need advice and hearing your own Mother tongue at times is always a comfort. We are hoping to buy a Trullo so maybe if all goes well and you are about we could meet up. Thanks again for your reply.

Hi Denis, we have had a house on the Ostuni side of Martina Franca for the last ten years and love it here. Recently retired, we are finally able to spend more of our time here. Would be happy to help out with any questions you have about the area.

Hi Linda, have just spotted your post. We, too, are in Martina Franca. We've had the house here for about 10 years and are now spending about 6 months of the year here. Would be happy to meet up for a coffee one day if you're free. We have many Italian friends here but it's always good to get together with an expat.

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