jiu jitsu in the seychelles? please help!

i am looking for someone or some place that does judo or jiu jitsu in the seychelles. does any know anything?

I'm not sure about Praslin but seems there's some martial art lesson in Mahe though.

;D Ronald

can you give me more info?

it might be a while till i can get to mahe. maybe i can try calling them and asking them if there is anything based on praslin.

thank you for your response! i appreciate the help. :)

I just check with my friend,they are actually learning Karate not Jiu Jitsu

hi, we have a class on mahe doing jujitsu and we are here since 2005.. let me knw if interested. cheers

Hi jeffjj > you should post an ad in the Seycelles classifieds > classes section or register on the business directory. Thank you.

Hey jeffjj, I am interested in jiu jitsu too! Can you give your contact details? Are you in Victoria?

I'm looking for a bjj or MMA school in Seychelles. I will be moving to Mahe end of this year. Is there any available.

Hello paul commane.

You should post an advert in the Sports classes in the Seychelles section. It might help.


Karen :)

Thanks Karen, I will.


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Hi am a BJJ coach and Conditioning Specialist and I am looking at moving abroad does anyone know of places that are hiring coahes or even a venue where I could start  my gym from thanks

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I think, Yoga, cross fit and personal training job would be easier to find for you.

would you like to share your photographs

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