Moving to Abuja


I am in negotiation on a 2 year assignment in Abuja, Nigeria.

Could give me some information about:

1. Housing
2. Security
3. Cost of living
4. Things to do and see.

I will be filling a senior and project management position? what sort of perks and salary range should be looking at!

in Abuja.



Hi Derek

I am considering the same sorty of contract as you...if you find anything out please let me know.....I will of course do the same...



Could give me some information about:

1. Housing; as a Nigerian who lived there for 22 years, but I currently live in United States, I would say a good housing cost higher than other parts of the world. It depends on where you want to live, the prices differ. For a top class environment, you should be expecting about $100,000usd for two years. But, if you have a good job, companies in Nigeria usually pay rents for their staffs. An average, or a middle class environment; you should be expecting around $20,000 to $50,000usd for two years.
2. Security; This can be tricky and like I said before, it depends on where you want to live. Nigeria is just like every other country where you cant get 100% secured environment. But when you move to Nigeria and live there for about a month, you will get to know the society and understand the do and donts. It is not as bad as the media portrays. Nigerians are fun loving people and few years ago, were rated as the happiest people on earth.
3. Cost of living; Living in Nigeria can be very cheap except accomodation. Cheaper than most western countries.
4. Things to do and see; Seeing Nigeria alone is something to do, and there are alot to do. The tourism is still growing and fast growing. On vacations, you can visit calabar, the safaris in the north, cinemas, olumo rock and many others. Things to do are not like the night life of newyork or london, but as a matured audience you would enjoy every bit of Nigeria.

I hope this help, and let me know for more info.

I think smile4kenny has said enough really but when the company tells you the expats benefits post it here then we can let you know if it's a good deal or not.

I strongly recommend that you ask for medical insurance for expats. One of the best on the market and what was given to me when I first working out in Nigeria was a american insurance called Cigna international for expatriates - see If they get you full cover it will cover practically anything including repatriation back to your home country were you to fall in.

I would also suggest that you secure a decent relocation package and an agreement for them to take care of your returning back to your home country.

I am sure you already have the car (24/7), driver and domestic help.

If you have any children and they are not sending you over on a single status (Which is what they do to cut costs), then ask for something towards the children's fees at an international school (they work out pretty expensive and most expats have that included in their package).

Flights home - atleast 3 a year.

A local stipend

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