shipping cars to a dealer in Siearra Leone

hi my name is azhar i live in the uk, west midlands and i was intrested in selling sending used cars van 4x4s, and selling them in sierra leone and did not kno haw to find the car delaer who sell used cars their,  can any help, or does any one have any details for car dealer or private person who are a willing to sell used cars 4x4, vans,
also i was intested in other used items like generators, used tyres, clothing these would be ideal for some one who had a second hand shop to sell these items in.  any conatct details would be helpful. 


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Hi Azhar,
It is good to know that you have interest in doing business in my country by importing used 4x4 cars and other house hold used items.
There are certain things you need to consider before taking such decision here such as considering the fact that mainly in the UK the right hand drive is more common whereby here in Sierra Leone it is both Left and right hand drive but people have more interest in the left hand vehicles considering the fact that in no distance time the SLRA will place embargo on Right Hand drive vehicles .
  Well....... I have a cousin who operates a car center dealing mainly on vehicles from USA,Holland ,Germany and Denmark.
  Get in touch with me for further discussion maybe you guys will work in hand as partners.

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I like to introduce Africtrading bussiness here

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You do know that in Sierra Leone cars have the wheel on the left, right?

Hi I Saw you Message, and I'm interested in doing business with you. Can you contact me on my Email bankay_mansaray[at] or phone +23279327682.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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