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My question if you stay the 180 days, max on tourist visa.  How long do you have stay away to start another 180 days?

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To the best of my knowlege all you have to do is exit the country.I have been living in Mexico for over 5 years renewing tourist visas. The shortest period I have been out of mexico was 10 days, but I have never seen or had it indicated that there was a time stipulation. paz, abby

latigra is it ok if I renew the visa in the mexico

People have exited and re-entered in the same day. It depends on the agent at the gate. Sometimes a day or two is required. But if they don't recognise you, you can enter the same day.

You can renew an FMM (tourist permit) up to 180 days total at a local IMN office. After 180 days, you have to leave the country.

yep, I renew upon arrival in the airport

All State capitals and many other places have a office of the Secretaria de Gobernacion, Oficina de Relaciones Exteriores, that deal with "asuntos migratorios".   A person can renew his standard tourist visa there with relative ease.   They will ask for the same back up informatin as is required at the frotier.

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Im going to mexico in few months and I want to know if it's ok to work without a work permit because i hear it takes a long time

mojo79 :

Im going to mexico in few months and I want to know if it's ok to work without a work permit because i hear it takes a long time

It's OK as long as Migration doesn't catch you or no one (an unemployed Mexican) reports you to Migration. If so, then it's deportation time.

You really should be somewhat careful about soliciting employment.   There are operators of illegal activities who can "draw you in" if it comes  to their attention that someone is really in need of a job or really wants to work on a remunerated basis.
     Unless you have you FMIII in order, working at a regular, taxes and withholding paid, type job is chancey.   Sometimes, if you just start helping around some place where find comfortability, someone....the bar owner or one of the regulars will ask you to do something for pay....and that can lead to a job, even as high up as managing a large furniture and appliance store in an upscale Monterrey suburb.  Paid in cash, of course.
     Discretion is very necessary.   And, you should never say "I work over at the 123 Bar in the Marriot Hotel"....Never say that "I work....(anywhere)."

Technically, you are not supposed to use a Tourist Visa more than once in a 12 month period. However, many Americans and Canadians go back and forth to the border before their 180 days are up, turn around and come right back.

Unfortunately, that did not work for my Colombian fiance who was turned around at the DF Airport. Lots of discrimination against certain nationalities.

David B.

Abby is correct in that many Americans and Canadians go to the border, and renew their tourist visas there. But if immigration officials, especially at the Airport, want to get technical, they can turn you away as they did my fiance who is Colombian.

Mexican immigration law actually states that with a Tourist Visa, an individual can only enter for up to a six month period during any 12 months. Obviously, that ruling is not followed in most cases.

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dbossman11 :

Mexican immigration law actually states that with a Tourist Visa, an individual can only enter for up to a six month period during any 12 months. Obviously, that ruling is not followed in most cases.

David B.

This is new to me. Could you direct me to the Mexican Law that states this?

Although I am not an immigration attorney, perhaps I can interject that there was a time in the not too distant past when the temporary importation of a motorcar was prohibited for more than one six-month term per every twelve months dating from the first date of the original importation.   That ended about 15 years ago for foreigners, but still applies to Mexican citizens in the effort to control grey-market importation of used cars for sale in the interior.
     Many, many years ago there was a prohibition against the extension of a tourist visa beyond the 180 days, and its renewal if the individual concerned was involved in anything beyond...essentially beach-bumming.  My cousin married a Mexican fellow who lived in Mexico City.  They finished advanced degrees together at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, married, and moved to Mexico City where her husband's family had considerable business interests.
     My cousin was denied a renewal in Mexico City for her tourist visa, and was told by a representative of Relaciones Exteriores that she needed to take out an FM-III as a resident, due to the fact that she was married and in permanent residence.  So, she and her husband just disregarded the admonition and on the next trip up to McAllen, she simply picked up another 180 tourist visa going back through Reynosa, and thus proceeded for the next seven years of their life in Mexico City.
     At that time, they and their new son moved to attend to the family's business in Connecticut.

     In my particular case, I have renewed every six is completely computerised...instant...and strictly professional...for the last 14 years during the operation of our little bed and brunch hideaway in the interior.   Part of the time I have been FM - III and the rest of the time I have been a "plain old tourist" since the liberalisation of the Mexican law pertaining to microbusiness, land tenure, and residence.
     I hope this helps.

I do not have the number of the Law...sorry. I was told this by an individual who worked for years as Assistant to the Consul in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

So, you don't know which Mexican Law prohibits  more than one 180 day tourist permit every 12 months.


I am sure that this Immigration stipulation is not followed 80-90 % of the time. However, if Mexican authorities want to stop a Colombian national (my fiance) they can use that technicality.

David B.

Do not work without papers in Mexico...they are getting stricter. If they catch you, it's a big fine for you and your employer, and the possibility of deportation. No vale de pena!

David B.


I wish I could be more helpful. Look under "Tourist Visa" Regulations for Mexico. Thanks

David B

I have a copy of the Ley de Migration and there is no mention of a limit of the number of FMMs a person can have in a year.

I am actually glad to hear that. It means that C. was turned away for no legitimate reason ..since all her papers were in order.

Anyway that you can send me that extract, Joaquin..or at least a link? Gracias.

David B.

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