Childcare in Zagreb


Does anyone know how to find good childcare in Zagreb? We are thinking of moving there but would need a nanny to help us with dropping off and picking up. Of course someone with good english. Also, some help with cleaning and cooking. Is this feasible in Zagreb?

Grateful for any help of direction in terms of who to speak with.


Hi Molly,

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I hope other members will advise you very soon.

Yes it is. First of all in Zagreb most of ppl are speaking english so it's not going to be problem to find nanny who is speaking english.
Here are some sites for nannies

Hi Molly,

I don't know whether you moved to Zagreb or not. Anyways, I am Emna. I live in Zagreb and I would really welcome the opportunity to take good care of your children if obviously the position is still available.

If you need further details, please let me know.



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If you're looking for a job as nanny, you may post your resume/CV in the Babysitting in Zagreb section.


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dont worry there tons of ppl knows english and dont work here..u can got someone to do for you anything u want for money so nanny is anti problem at all lol

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