Getting married in Serbia

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We invite all the ones who got married in Serbia or who are about to get married in Serbia to participate in this thread :)

What are the formalities to get married in Serbia? Is it the same for a couple of foreigners of for a mixed couple (between a foreigner and a native of Serbia)?

Are the procedures complicated?

How long does it take to carry out all the formalities?

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Hi I am also interested to know which certificates or documents are necessary to marry a Serbian citizen,  which must be Apostilled or certified, translated, and how long until they explore?

I would also like to know where to start and what next, the procedure.

Also if there is some document I don't have, but need for marriage, how do I obtain it, because there is no embassy in Serbia for South Africa. The nearest embassy is in Greece, but they are not helpful. I cannot go back to SA, or to the embassy in Greece. I did go once, back to SA, and ordered my No Impediment certificate, but that was nearly eight months ago and I'm still waiting for someone in SA to get it for me from Home Affairs.  In the meanwhile, I think my Apostilled Unabridged birth certificate, may have expired. I want to get married, but it's not easy to obtain what I need.

Sorry I meant to say expire, instead of explore.


I got married here in 2008 in Sremski Karlovci. All I needed was my Certificate from the Embassy that I was free to marry and a certified translated copy of my Birth Certificate. I am from the USA so our Birth Certificates never expire. In most cases (countries) you can order a copy of the Birth Certificate online and have it mailed directly to you here or to a family member there in SA. Once you and your partner have all that you can go to the court house and apply for a license and select a date. It will take about 3 weeks (depends alot on the date you want).

Hope this helps.

Dale (aka Lazar)

Thanks for that.

I have my apostilled Unabridged birth certificate for eight months while I have been waiting for my apostilled No Impediment certificate (single or divorced status) certificate to arrive from SA.

But I read somewhere online that the first one expires after six months. It is eight months old now.

The no Impediment certificate I ordered and paid for it, but I have nobody in SA to send it to me. There is also no South African Embassy in Serbia.  I have the original final order of divorce certificate in my possession with court seal, so I can prove I'm divorced. It is translated into Serbian also. But Serbian courts will only accept the apostilled no Impediment certificate . Greece SA embassy also can't help me.

Dale that was extremely helpful, thank you. I only have two snags:

There is no SA embassy in Serbia

And I have no more family or friends in SA, who can send me any documents.

Hi, Try contacting the Agencies there directly and ask them to send the documents directly to you per registered mail. Most Govermental agencies also except credit cards and you can pay for the documents and postage that way or, contact DHL or FedEx and ask for pickup and delivery prices. I have used this for court records from the USA and it works.

Try contacting the SA Embassy in Germany, Austria, or the nearest SA Embassy that handles this area. I worked for the US DoS for a while and know that where they dont have an Embassy the nearest one usually handles the issues in their area of coverage.

Hope this helps. I am back in Serbia now and if you want PM me and I will give you my email and cell number.

Have a great day.


Howdy Cowboy,

I'm planning on getting married there in August. I was wondering how you got your birth certificate translated?

Oh wow, that is so so helpful! Can't thank you enough. I'm sure I'll be back with follow up questions. Ha thanks again!!

Hello how are you ? I have a question I'm contemplating in marrying my serbian gf by next week I'm traveling to belgrade on monday with a tourist visa i want to ask you based on your experience. Is the procedure fast ? I have all the documents needed for marriage but I've heard by some people that it might take time to get a specific date to get married. And i want to ask you when we get married can i immediately change the tourist visa and make it into a temporary visa in order to stay with my wife ?

akaylindsay :

Howdy Cowboy,

I'm planning on getting married there in August. I was wondering how you got your birth certificate translated?

What was the answer to the question above? I'm planning on getting married and need my birth cert translated as well :)

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