Getting married in Namibia

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We invite all the ones who got married in Namibia or who are about to get married in Namibia to participate in this thread :)

What are the formalities to get married in Namibia? Is it the same for a couple of foreigners of for a mixed couple (between a foreigner and a native of Namibia)?

Are the procedures complicated?

How long does it take to carry out all the formalities?

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I want to travel over the Namibian border and marry my Angolan boyfriend.  where can I go to get married.  I'm hoping that I don't have to travel all the way to Luanda.  Maybe I can just cross the border at Rundu?  You advice will be much appreciated.

Thanks, Namibian Princess

I would also like to know.We plan to get married in RSA.
Must we remarry in Namibië?
Will i then have citizenship?

I'm a Namibian planning to get married to my Germany fiancee in march but we were advised that since he is a foreigner he have to go to the immigration office for interview.

Liina Tim,

Could you inform me on the process/formalities for your marriage to take place. I am also engaged to a German citizen. We are planning on getting married July this year. Your advice will be appreciated.


Before going to the magistrate court to set up a date your fiance need to go to the immigration office to be interview and  he must have a police clearance that shows that he was not involved in any crime in his country,  a divorce letter or a letter stating that he was never married before. He should be in the country for at least 30 days.

My fiance has travelled/worked in Namibia for 6 months and we are planning to get married here in namibia, she is a Dutch citizen. What procedures should we follow, because I've been querying at home affairs and immigration and every time i get a different answer. What is the correct procedures to follow and what documentation do we need?
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I called the Namibian courts to set up a marriage date,and they told me that if you are a foreigner getting married to a Namibian,the Ministry of Home Affairs must first do an investigation in your country to find out if you have ever been married before.So you need some proof of your single status, as well as a police clearance before you go to the courts.

I am Namibian female, my Fiance is German. We have made a decision to get married in a civil court in Namibia. I am very new to the whole process and thus much clueless about the necessary requirements needed to get married here. I would like to hear from someone who went through the process of marrying a foreigner and just talk me through the process from how I need to go about notifying the Magistrate court about my intention to get married.

Anyone is welcome to reply.

I am South African planning to marry a Namibian in Namibia. The process is as follow:

*Obtain a Police Clearance from SAPS (takes about 2 months), you must go to the   
Central Police station in WHK (Cnr of Independence and Bahnhof st) to do fingerprints, cost is R96 to SAPS account in RSA. You then post the form to SAPS in SA via courier ( … ficate.php). You receive a tracking number from SAPS once your application is being processed, which you can then track (

* Apply for a Impediment Letter  (Letter that states you are not married to anyone in RSA) from RSA Home Affairs. I went to the RSA High Commission in WHK (Cnr Nelson Mandela Ave and Jan Jonker St). Cost is N$50. Takes about 3-8 months, I waited 4 months.

After hearing that the high commission 'lost' a friends passport application twice, I got worried about my impediment letter application so I phoned Home Affairs in RSA looking for a contact person who deals with this. Luckily I got hold of a gentleman there that works with it, he then informed me that they had no record of my application, this was after I waited 3 months... Contact details:  hlamarisa.msengi[at] or ashwin.ramsunder[at]

* Make an appointment with Namibian Home Affairs and  Immigration Office for an interview (Robert Mugabe Ave, WHK) once you have received both your Police Clearance and Impediment Letter. Call Mr Shikale on  +264 81 243 6255. They only do interviews on Wednesdays and Fridays between 09:00 - 11:00. This interview is to verify that you are getting married in good faith. Only after this interview with Namibian Home Affairs will you be allowed to marry a Namibian in Namibia.

Hope this helps! Its quite a process... :-)

I am Zimbabwean, already working in Namibia with a valid work permit. If you are planning to get married in Namibia in good faith, here is the procedure:


Step 1 - Go back to your country of origin to get a Certificate of Non-Marriage.In Zimbabwe, you can get this certificate in one day, the regular one takes 2 weeks and it costs US$13. (*This is a Biometric Certificate that proves that you are not married to anyone in your country, an anti-fraud measure)

Step 2 - Go to the Police Station and get a Police Clearance.ZRP takes 2 weeks to process your clearance certificate but it costs around US$15.If your application is not urgent, you can pay US$7 for the regular one which takes up to 1 month.

Step 3 - Bring the Certificate of Non-Marriage and Police Clearance with you when you come to Namibia.Make an appointment with any Immigration Officers in the town / city which you intend to get married.In Windhoek, these are Mr Erishi, Mr Shetuka and Mr Shikale. In small towns, just approach any Immigration Officers at the Home Affairs office.You and your lover are required to attend the interview.

Step 4 - When your interview is successful,you will be given a Letter of Declaration to take to the court (to get married).

Windhoek Home Affairs Office Contact Tel: 061-292 2111


Instead of getting married in Namibia, you and your Namibian partner should get married in your foreign partner's country.

I Am a South African, I've been living in Namibia for a few years now. I plan on getting married to my Namibian fiancé, here in Nambia.
I know that I need a police clearance in order for us to get married.
but do I need a police clearance from south Africa or from Namibia, since I left south Africa when I was a minor.

United States citizens looking to get married in Namibia. Best way to do this? What documents are needed. Looking online seems very simple with documents does anyone have any other suggestions? Has anyone recently been married in Namibia

Forget citizenship.

Im a South African, engaged to a Namibian. We currently live in Namibia, but plan to get married in RSA, wil we need to go through the procedure here as well after we married in RSA?
Thanks for the post!

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