Pregnancy in the Basque Country


could you please share advice and tips about pregnancy in the Basque Country?

Who are the best gynecologists for pregnancy follow-ups?

Which hospitals or clinics would you recommend to give birth in the Basque Country?

Thanks a lot in advance for your advice !



I guess this response is a little late since you posted in March. When are you due? I am also pregnant and doing similar research. The people say that the public hospitals are good. However, from what I hear, the standards and practices are different here than in North America. I hear that quiron (private) is good, but I would recommend going there first for a tour and to ask questions. Where abouts in the Basque country are you and how long have you been here?


My answer is also late, but hope this serves for future moms to be.  I've been using both the public hospital and a private practice for follow ups about my pregnancy (33w5d) because I'm not happy with the public follow ups (very few check ups with a couple of diff midwives "matronas" and only one with a ginecologist from a pool of 4-5 Dr. that are randomly assign to you for that appointment) my next appointment is still in 2 more weeks but I guess the baby will already be here by then!. I'm also not happy with the delivery prep classes... that disgusting midwife explained that giving birth was similar to going to the bathroom and with a huge proud smile told the class that we were going to *** our childs... unbelievable!!

So I use the private practice for doctor advise and check ups, and the public service for the free tests :) from what I've heard quite a bunch locals do the same thing. My problem is that Vitoria only has 1 public delivery service (at Txagorritxu Hospital) and it is a diff. place from where you've been doing your pregnancy control, so a randomly assigned midwife that knows nothing about your pregnancy but what little is written in the very brief "cartilla de la embarazada" says (pregnant card, the small booklet with a rainbow at the front), will be the one in charge of your child's birth.

In my country (Peru) I would've been scheduled for a planned C-Section because of my age (43) but Osakidetza said NO from minute one. So, my private gine, has suggested me to go to Zorrozaurre clinic in Bilbao for my last weeks check ups and talk with a doctor for planning what's best for me and the baby. I must call today to make an appointment.

Hope this is helpful!

Thank you for your input KDaly! :)


Hi again

Yesterday I went to the Dr. he was ok, so much better than Osakidetza (Basque public sanitary service) but I still feel I should've gone back home to give birth, unfortunately it's already late for me to be able to get into a plane for a 12 hr flight :(.

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