paying guest accommodation in nairobi in jul 2012

hi i am planning to visit nairobi in jul 2012 first week for 5-6 days with my family. planning to stay in PG accommodation with some decent Indian expat family. Can i receive the offers pl.:)

I am Belgian, my husband is Kenyan. We have 2 guest rooms available. Don't know if that is what you're looking for.

HI Dnb as per my information its really hard to get a PG accommodation in Indian family house. So if i get any info i will let you know. Why do you need Indian house as PG? any specific reason?

Hi there
I am new in Nairobi, looking for some room to rent in Kisumu? Whether sharing or separate.

Hi shahrose1,

I suggest you to post an advert in the Nairobi classifieds > accommodation section. It might help you.

Hello there. I am a student at the University of Nairobi in urgent need of paying Guest accommodation. Please let me know if you still have any room. Thank you.

Hi brian kabungo,

Welcome to Expat-Blog ;)

You should please post an advert in the Housing in Nairobi section :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

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