Bringing Prescription Medication into Canada

Hi All,

I am moving to Canada in March on a working holiday visa. I have a medical condition for which i take daily prescription medication. Does anyone know how much of this I am aloud to bring into the Country? i.e., 6 months worth, 1 year worth. or where I could find this information out?

Thanks for your help!

Hi : my mom brought a lot of medication (she's 78 years old) for 3 months, and she had not problems in the customs, but, just in case, she brought a letter from her doctor's. And, here, it's not easy to find a doctor, so, bring your medication!


Thanks for your help. I found out that I can bring 3 months supply in and then have another 3 months supply sent to me. If anyone else needs information on this, you can find it at: … if-eng.php

Thanks again.

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