Looking for Spanish speaking tour guide

Hi there,
I need a Spanish speaking tour guide for Bangkok or an interpreter to Spanigh for the english speaking tour guide.
If anyone is insterested please send me a PM.
Or if you know anyone who can do this job I would appreciate the get in touch. Thai person speaking Spanish is preferred.

If you give some more details I might be able to redirect u to some.

I'm in the tourism industry, I have a request from my agent in Spain for a couple in their honeymoon, they can't speak English. The guide shall accompany them from airport to the hotel and to some activities that we have selected (Grand Palace, Spa,...). We have English speaking guides, this person could be also an interpreter of the guide, but I think tere would be too many passage and not really convenient to move around with 4 persons in a car.
The period of service would be June 2012, so I need the support of somebody in a solid tourism business or permanently living in Bangkok, I can't afford the risk that in a few months the guide would be gone. Do you also have any contacts at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce or at the Spanish Embassy? Maybe they could help. Thanks a lot if you can give me some directions.

Ok, apparently my partner in Bangkok have found a Thai Speaking Spanish Tour guide.
I'll kee my finger crossed!...
Thanks everybody

se hai bisogno di una persona italiana contattami, vivo da 6 anni a bangkok

Hi expatbangkok!

As this is the anglophone forum could you please post in English?

Thanks and regards

hey im xavier from spain and im very interested to be a guide for spanish people im living in thailand for more than one year now.
so if you knoe any other thing i can do working here wil be nice


Hello and good day! I know someone who is good with people and a native Spanish speaker. He can speak English too. Please let me know, thanks.

Hi dear.

i am native spanish speaker from colombia. In addition i was over 5 years in england doing my degree and working in customer service at the same time. Let me know if Im the person you looking for.

Have a good day.

@ Joyceskris > Thank you for your participation, however do note that this thread is quite old ( 2011). Please feel free to recommend this tour guide in the business directory.


Priscilla  :cheers:


Jotamzles > Do note that this thread is very old, i invite you to post your job search in the jobs in Thailand section please.



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