Convention de stage/Paris Language school

Yes Andrea is right, call thèmes, the y Will explain even in engluage If you Can t french

Yes easy to talk with Bestudentagain  in english. The service is fast , high quality and perfect for what you need.


You can check
It's the link to the city hall French classes

Good luck :)

By the way,at the moment; there is a promotion on the subscription fee, 400 instead of 480 euros, good luck !

i dont really know about the other solutions given there but about Bestudentagain i am sure : i applied with tem and it was great: huge choice of formations and very quick deliver of convention de stage (internship convention)

Yes i m totally agree with you Andrea, they re very kind and helpfull, the y Will help you to understand hon you Can manage all the détails of this very strange "convention de stage'

Yes Thanks; You are true, bestudentagain is very helpful for foreign people who want to do internship in france . Great service !

Do you know if Be Student Again has new online courses (i m interested in marketing and publicity)

I was wondering ....i did an internship but i need to do another one, do you know if Be Student Again has some new courses in marketing ?

I dont really know about their new courses but i know they add some all the time. The range ofcourses available is always incresaing . But the best you have to do is asking them directly. They replied very quick and they are very friendly and always try to help people.

At the moment Be student again has an offer 430 euros for course, convention and student card

Yes they've a large range of courses in marketing and they add frequently some news, call Be student agin they will explain

I also followed courses with be student again and it was cheap and great

By the way, they are very nice and helpful, and cherry on the cake, they speak english so well

Okay i did one internship in international communication with be student again and it was great also

Do you know if they have new education programs ? I need to do an internship in international context

Just call them, i thing their offer is growing, so may be they have much more than the ones on the website

Hi, i m an australian student and should be interested in doing an internship in france but i really don t know how it works ? Is is easy to get an internship ? Any document needing ?

>yes, whatever your nationality or your past studies , you can use bestudentagain to register in the university of your choice.

Okay thank you for this answer, that s a great news to begin the new year !

Do you know if Be Student Again offers some training in international communication ?

Yes be Student Again has training in international communication, just call them

I did international communication and it was great and learnful !

Okay thank you all of you, I ve called them and they explained to me

I talked with Daniel, he was very kind and clear. He just explained how things works and confirmed that I could benefit of that method to get a convention de stage. I did and now I m doing an internship in a fantastic agency, thanks

Do you know the actual rate for be student again. A friend of mine wants to get a convention de stage, thanks

on the website they have a price now at 430 euros. i think a good bargain with the good service and the many benefits.

Yes 480n euros, just call them, they are nice and will help you

Thanks to everybody, i will inform my friend

Actually Be Student again is 430 euros (special offer)

I plan to do another internship via be student again, do you know if there is a spécial offer for that ?

Do you know if the rate is still 430 euros at the moment for be student again ?

yes on their website they still have an offer at 480 euros discounted at 430 euros. A good bargain for the quality of service of bestudentagain

430 euros is very interesting to get a convention, i think

Okay thank you very much for your answers

Do you know about i be student again is open during Summer ?

As bestudentagain is a website i don't think they close on summer. But feel free to ask them in advance maybe . they always reply fast

Okay thanks aldonce

Do you know if Be Student Again offer a course in international marketing ?

yes i am almost sure they have international marketing at bestudentagain. But you can send thema mail and they will reply quickly.

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