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Hello Everyone,

I am hoping to come to Rwanda in the summer! I'm really excited about it and can't wait, but I would love to know more about what expat life in Kigali is like, from people that know it. It is safe for solo females? What are the Rwandan people like, is it a nice city to stroll around in?

I'm also looking for volunteer work in a charity (large or small) related to AIDs, access to education and sanitation. Does anyone have any possible suggestions as to who I could contact?

Please add somehting if you know anything about Rwanda or Kigali which might be useful. Looking forward to any responses, thank you! :)


I am in my early thirties, a single white female and I just returned from Rwanda where I was on a missions trip for 16 days. Rwanda is amazing and lovely and EVERYONE should go!  It is lush, green and stunning. (However I was there during the rainy season - so it might not be the same during the summer)

The people are very safe, friendly and I felt very safe.  I didn't walk/wander alone, but many do.

Check out for more information on an organization helping orphans, education, widows, microloans and other great things.  This was the group I travelled with.

Have a lovely time!

I may be working in Ruhengeri from Jan.-Nov. Can you suggest what to bring in terms of clothing, bedding, etc.

For non-denominational and non-political volunteering in Rwanda check out

Hi, are you still in Rwanda?
How is it?

I am hoping to go to Rwanda in March, will let you know when i get there

When you come to Rwanda don't leave without going take good time at Bambino Super City is at 12 km from the airport. (moderated)

Hi everyone, it would be nice if members living in Rwanda could give an insight on life there.



hii ..
where r u nowdays in kigali . Hows your charity work going .Im in kigali ...can i help in someway....

Hi Blitzerr77,

It would be nice if you could tell us a bit about life in Kigali.

- Housing
-Things to do etc...:)



From Eddy,
Hey're most welcome,

i am fron india very soon joining in Kigali as Associate Professor in Tourism
Any one can give some idea of Rwanda

have u got all desirable news about Rwanda.if yes that's good ,but if not contact me on +250783022259 or send an email for helping u!!am a student in second bacc at national university of Rwanda !!!thx

As a single white female you will be bothered lot of times. Just don't pay attention. They would be glad to get any emotions from you however negative. Just ignore. Only if you feel it is getting dangerous, be agressive, this would scare them off. It is not a time to be polite.
But the city in general is rather safe, unlike Uganda.

For you all who wish to come in Rwanda,you are all welcome because our country is great and has also interesting touristic spaces to visit and the peace and security are full !

Hi Kate

I'm from Exeter too and just got here and will be staying for a year.  From what I can gather after a week, it seems like a great city - and feels very safe.  Let me know if you've got any specific questions, which I should be able to answer when I get to know things a bit better!


Hi Helen!

My fiancee and I are moving to Kigali really soon. I will be working from home. But I need a lot of people interaction. I like going out and meeting new people. Are there any expat meets? Are there good coffee houses that have wifi? What about the public transport? Are taxis too expensive? I am someone who likes exploring on her own. Is that safe? Are there flea markets etc. or is it another shopping-mall dominated city? Not that anything is wrong with shopping malls, but I like to get out and about! I would appreciate any information you might have.

Thanks and have a great week ahead!


When do you get here?  There seems to be plenty of places to meet people and there are things like quiz nights and film nights (I haven't been to one yet but planning to go).

There are a few coffee shops that do really good Rwandan coffee and there is wifi all over the city with MTN Hotspot - you just buy a sim card for a mobile phone then you can get internet access.

The best way to get around seems to be on the back of motorbikes, which is the cheapest way of getting a taxi.  There are also cars, but they're a bit more expensive and buses which are really cheap - but haven't worked out the routes yet.

There's a few shopping malls, but they don't dominate and there seem to be lots of good markets.

I'm still pretty new here - I'm out here on my own for 5 weeks until my husband joins me in Feb.

If you've got any more questions I'd be happy to answer them (if I can) - my email address is helenaeticehurst[at]


hey guys!  I have just moved into Kigali from Wisconsin, home of the beloved Packers!  Helen you should email me.

I have been coming to Rwanda for 6 years now and have just moved the entire family two weeks ago.  Yes there are coffee shops.  Try Bourbon Cafe's first.  They will help you adjust to the big change.  There are at least two of them.

Take a taxi if money is not a serious issue.  they are in many places, easy to find.  But know where to tell them you are going and make sure that you get the price before you get in.  No more than 2000 francs for anywhere in the city!  That is high.  Always try to bargain down.  they triple the price for the Muzungu at every juncture.  get a native to buy everything if possible.

Simba is the most American market.

Yes you are safe to walk alone.  Try roads with security first until you get good at nicely ignoring the stares.  I am a bit rotund so the kids like to ask if I am a man and if I am pregnant, don't worry about it.  You'll loose weight soon enough here.  :)  And like I tell my kids, a bit of extra flesh over here means that you are healthy!

People are very friendly but give you a sort of disdain look when they feel uncomfortable for what reason I do not know.  But when I see that look I just smile and push through and quickly they are friendly and smiling as well.

Do not ask what tribe folks are from.  They are Rwandese!


Am Rwandese and the disdain look might be the perception Rwandese mostly have as they think that the Muzungus(whites) pretend to be superior yet they(Rwandese) never wish to be disrepected and that's why u gonna find them changing the face immediately when u try to show such kind of disrepect.another thing is that Rwandese when they become angry most of them instead of shouting at you in an angry way they try to hide it and sometimes u can be hit when u thought troubles are over.but generally Rwandese are beautiful people either by face or by heart.Regarding the folks tribe,As you might all know our Country Rwanda is one of the few countries that faced genocide where many people died and they were killed by their fellow rwandese so when it comes to asking tribes we wonder what are your wishes after knowing someone's tribe,and am sure once u know the tribe of someone it might cause some confusions in your mind.Another problem is the tribe which did genocide even children feel guilty bcoz of what was done by some of we as Rwandese we better try to keep quite and make peace.As peace enlongates,and genocide ideology gets wiped out in Rwandese maybe it will be easy to talk freely the tribe someone comes from."The way Rwandan lifestyle is can't be the same as USA,Europe or other parts of the world's lifestyle is since the problems we faced are really different,plz help us by giving your good help not bad help".Thanks


Myself and my husband have just moved to Rwanda to work as volunteer missionaries. We have been to Rwanda numerous times before but are really keen to make some more ex pat contacts. Would love to be included in get togethers etc.

We work 8-5 monday to Friday but free most Saturdays and sundays afts.

Please get in touch

Cat :)

I just got an offer to work in a school in Kigali named "Greenhills Academy". Accept from their web page I could not find any more information about that school. Does anybody know that school?


From what I have heard Greenhills is a very good school, so I think it is a job offer you should be looking to accept :)

Hi Kate,
Well, it's summer. Are you here? I've been here for one month and staying with a local family. I'm a nurse from the US looking to relocate here. I'm in love with Rwanda. I'm of the retirement generation and feel very safe. I've made friends, both Rwandan and International. I find most everyone here very friendly. I don't go out at night much because of a problem with night vision. It's dark on the streets at night and traffic doesn't stop for pedestrians. I'd be happy to connect with you and share what I've learned etc. My cell is 0784722030. I look forward to hearing from you. If you call please remind me how you got my number and I'll remember. I am also looking for leads to volunteer and it's pretty easy.

Hi everybody!
I'm a chartered accountant and plan to establish in Rwanda. I'm beninese. Please I'm looking for any advice which can help me to get a job in Rwanda. Thank you !

I'm new in Rwanda also and from the US looking for some employment as a nurse. There is a yahoo group called Kigali Life. I suggest you get on the group and post your interest and skills. It has helped me immensely. I'll be here until the middle of Jan then back to the states and back here in April. There are many opportunities here. My experience is that they show up pretty fast but that's just me. Be sure you have at least 3 months finances when you come.
Keep in touch at excusebuster[at]
Warm Regards

Thank you very much joanna !

You're welcome. Let me know when you've arrived and we'll arrange to meet.

Hi Joanna,hi everybody from abroad, me i m Rwandan working in the medical field coming from abroad, not few things have changed in a good way and i m very proud of my country, if you want more friends as we work in the same field and i have free time before beginning you r welcome.

Happy to hear from you,i am 26 years old , i speak mostly French but English and Kinyarwanda too.whenever you want it will be a pleasure to offer you a local cup of coffee.

Hi all.

I am in Rwanda at the moment, just for a short working holiday. Although I am in Gisenyi at the moment, I am coming back to Kigali on Friday and hoping to meet some people who might want to get a coffee or a meal sometime!

Although I am really enjoying my time, I am a little lonely so would love the chance to meet up for a chat with some like-minded individuals!!

Let me know if you're interested!


Can anyone give information about Living conditions at kigali? Am an indian from Bangalore, planning to go Kigali on work basis... Is it safe place for Indians and the cost of living at kigali..

Please reply for my post..

Hi all,

I am a 26 year old New Zealander coming to Kigali on 28th of July for a month to undertake voluntary legal work.

I would appreciate any advice on good accommodation / guest houses etc or any information about available rooms for rent.

Please reply to hannahstallard[at]

Many thanks

Hello HRBS and welcome to!

I invite you to start a new thread in Kigali forum with all your questions for better visibility.;)


Thank you! Only just found that forum, looks very helpful.
Many thanks.


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life in Kigali is very good and you are welcome, I am ready to offer you every information you need.

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