Buying property in Rwanda


can a foreigner buy property in Rwanda?

If so, is it complicated? What is the process of purchasing a property in Rwanda?

Any tips for buying property, such as a check-list of items to verify ?

Thanks in advance for participating!


Hello Christine,

There is nowhere in the world it is easy to buy properties for foreigners like in Rwanda!

We welcome you!

I would like to know the same thing Christine.  Yessam - yes Rwanda is very welcoming but is it legal to purchase and own property in your own name and right as a foreigner in Rwanda?

Of course it is legal. What you do is to register your property within the government (Notarial's office) which will register the selling & buying act and you're done! Let me know once you are in Rwanda and you want to buy something, because you may meet bad guys and become a victim. Good luck.


If you want to build a house (normally cheaper than buying), contact Pascal Habimana, mizerop[at]

Esp. look the property (house or land) is free of charges, and the one who is selling is really the owner. 

Verify at the district who is the owner, and ev. contact all the banks if there is still a debt garantied by the property. 


It is possible and legal to buy and own property in Rwanda as a foreigner, but like my colleague mentioned on the blog, you need to identify the right people to take you through the right procedures. ceo[at]

Thank you for your opinions, unfortuantely that is exactly what they are - your opinion, which may be correct but I need definitive and legal evidence of this.

Can anyone give me a link to a government website that shows it is 100% legal.  I am not looking for anyone to assist with a purchase I am looking for real proof that it is legal for a foreigner to buy and have full title to a property and what is required from the foreinger in order for this to happen.

All countries have certain criteria and investment requirements in order for foreigners to be allowed to buy property, it is that information that I am looking for.

Thank you.

You may need to check this website!]http:

Thanks yessam, unfortunately that does not appear to be a valid website link.

The site is down, i will keep looking and inform you when it is back.

Here are other websites that can help you! … y-transfer

Thank you yessam

Hi all,

As said above, a Foreigner can buy a property in Rwanda. I myself own a piece of land.

Is it complicated? Well, it might be complicated for you to select the best land, the right owner, etc. but it is easy to register with the government once you have bought the land or the property.

Hereafter some steps (not exhaustive)

- Select the property
- Ask for property registration papers and their tax payments (all the properties are registered with
- Go to district land center and check whether the owners are really those legally registered;
- Go to rdb ( and check if the property does not serve as collateral or guarantee or mortaged in any loan (now, all new loans and mortgage are required to have a certificate from that organization)
- Require the vendor to change the name of the owner to yours before paying; (make sure all vendors sign in case the property is owned by a family or many persons)
- Pay the monies
- Make a certification of the payment act and the contract;

And you are done.

For further information, do not hesitate contact me.



Dear Yessam and dear all,
I hope this Forum is still active!!! :)  I bought a property (Land) in Kigali about five years ago! was registered with a Notary and all went fine. I was about to start building my house. Now I have been told that my property has been expropriated! This news was told by the head of the district including that all neighbors have already accepted compensations and that the decision is final. Will I loose everything or can I make a recourse so that I can stop the procedure and have the time to see if it is all regular??
Any help on this is most welcome!! :/

HI Mike1952 > You may also start a new topic on the Rwanda forum.

yes you can.
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Thank you BobVan, indeed the gov paid already all the neighborhood, and the price are giving to us is quite good so we accepted. Hope all goes well. I keep you posted. :|

Want to buy land in kigali, does anyone know agents who can help me?

Hi KgomotsoT,

Welcome on board :)

I will invite you to please drop an advert in the Land for sale in Rwanda section :)

Thank you


Hello Maximilien

I have already found something as im currently in Rwanda.

Thank you.

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