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Hello my name is lamar i am a young african american who lives in stockholm sweden.
I am trying to start a very small carry-out resturant in africa.
Mainly rwanda.
If someone could help me with helpful information(how much money i would need,best place to buy supplys,how to rent a storefront,ect)
Keep in mind that this is aiming for the growing middle class, a small burger place in a good place around or in kigali

First off

Welcome to the forum, and I hope you get the info you need.
We don't really care much about race and skin colour on this forum, so no need to care much about that one.
As for the restaurant, I can offer some general advise only.

Do the locals tend to like burgers, or do they generally prefer locally available food?
How much cash is in the area, and what sort of footfall from your targeted is already there?
Most local restaurants earn local wages, so ask if you can live fine on that sort of cash.

Hopefully others will be able to give info based on local conditions.

Hello my friend, that's such a great idea. I am based in Rwanda and I can be helpful to startup your project here. I lived here for more than 13 years and know all the places, I could be useful for you and I am working in the marketing field as well. Feel free to drop me a whatsapp text on my phone *! Best, Jones.

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For more information kindly inbox me (pm)

This sounds so interesting!  :top:
I hope it works out for you!  :)
If you want to share information about Sweden and my country (Rwanda) let me know.
I don't know alot about the restaurant business though thought I should add that 😊
Best of luck to you!

So what are good locations, of one wishes to open a small burger resturant or small cafe? My target customer are middle class families

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