Updated 6 years ago

Making the decision on when or how to leave your home is probably one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life.  It’s not like buying a new car. You will eventually pay off that new expensive car.  It’s about the pursuit of happiness as a person.  People say that if you are not happy here you probably will not be happy where ever it is you are moving to.  Many people have conflicting feelings about moving away from their place of origin.  Lots of people leave for all the wrong reasons and very few leave for the right reasons.  If you think you have your priorities in order make a small check list.  Most of the time when we are not working we tend to sit around and watch television.  Make sure that you’re not searching for a cheaper place to hang your remote control.  Pick a place that holds your interest.  If you like the arts and museums pick a place that has several of these options for you.

Be mindful of all the things you like to do.  Never discount the importance of trying and liking a new thing.  I for one am a big fan of art.  I am not good at it but would love to be one day. I do not enjoy drawing or painting and have absolutely no talent for it.  I would however like to explore this one day. Where ever I may roam I will keep this in mind.  Should it show itself in the form of an art school or just a cool bluff I want to paint off of one day is the question.  So keep an open mind on things you like to do and things you might like to do later in life.  If you are young do not pick a place because of its wonderful clubs at night. When you get older you will not be attending these types of functions even though you may be thinking you will. Cheers and good luck.  Check out my blog at investnicaragua.blogspot.com

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