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If you are relocating to Qatar, you will certainly not get bored during your free time. The country provides a range of leisure activities for expatriates.

If you have decided to settle in Qatar, you will probably be working all week. But there is also so much to do during your free time. Find out more about leisure in this article.

Qatar has been attracting more and more foreigners for many years. In fact, this small emirate which if found on the Persian Gulf shore, has proved to be a real gem. Although most foreigners settling there mainly aim at finding a job to earn their living, they still find time to relax and for leisure.

Indeed, Qatar provides various leisure activities for all ages. If adults prefer exploring museums or trekking in the desert, children can enjoy parks, gardens, as well as a water park, among others.


If you wish to explore the desert, start by renting a 4x4 pick-up. Trekking is in fact one of the expatriates favorite leisure activity. But make sure that the vehicle is equipped with a GPS system, unless you have a guide with you. You can also go hiking in the Jassasiya mountains range which is found on the North-East coast. This site is full of carved sculptures dating from the prehistoric era.

Culture and heritage

The country also has a rich cultural and historical heritage which is described by its numerous forts, monuments, palaces, etc. The Umm Salam Muhammad Fort and Borj Barah, which are found near Doha, are not to be missed, not to mention Murwab Fort which is located on the West coast. The Clock Tower, close to the Grand Mosque, and Al-Koot Fort, built in 1880, are other breathtaking monuments.

The country also hosts many museums such as the Qatar National Museum or the Islamic Art Museum in Doha. You will also find several other museums in different regions, including the Museum of Al Khor which is dedicated to anthropology, the Wakra Museum which is essentially about natural history and marine life, and the Armament Museum which includes a wide collection of daggers, swords, guns and other military accessories, located in Allakta.

Qatar's scenery also consists of castles, including the Zubara Castle, located in Al-Zubara, the Al Wajba Castle, built in the late eighteenth century and the Umm Salal Mohammed Castle which is still occupied.


Nature lovers, for their part, can explore picturesque villages in a magnificent scenery, especially in coastal regions. Dhakira, in particular, hosts beautiful fishing villages surrounded by mangroves. In Salwa, you can visit the animal garden which hosts different animal species, as well as birds and reptiles, including a children's play corner.

Expat families can also enjoy the Rumailah Park and Dahl Al Hammam Garden which include green spaces, fitness trails and children's games.


Although tourism is not very significant in Qatar, expats may enjoy many beaches and resorts. Indeed, Qatar has some 700 kilometers of coasts, including exotic beaches such as Khor Edid beach which is found in the South-east. On the way to Shamal, you can visit the Al Ghariya Beach which is surrounded by a hotel and an old abandoned village.

Al Thakhira Beach, Dukhan Beach, Fuwairit Beach, Meisaieed Beach, Salwa Beach, among others, are also very popular. Moreover, the Sheikh's Palace Beach, located near Umm Bab and Dukhan villages, include a former palace on a hill. Note, however, that most beaches are not yet developed. But you can still make a picnic, take a swim or even spend the night there provided you have the necessary equipment.


Children, as well as adults, will be delighted by the numerous parks and nature reserves, the oryx reserve which is responsible for the protection of this endangered species, etc. The Aqua Park, for its part, is ideal for 2 to 12 years old children. It has a lovely lawn surrounded by palm trees, and a wave pool for children, deck chairs, tables and chairs for lunch and relaxation, water slides and fountains. The park also includes a family pool, a lazy river, restaurants and much more.

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