Useful contacts in Costa Rica


Find, in this article, a list of useful contacts so that you can live your expatriation in complete serenity.

Emergencies: 911

Police: 1117

Firefighters: 911, 1118 or 2223 8055

AyA Water Company: 800-737-6783

Traffic police: 800-872-6748


INS (National Insurance Institute) in case of car accident: 800 800 8000

INS (National Insurance Institute) roadside assistance in case of accident: 800 800 8001

Red Cross: 1128 2221 or 5815

Ambulances Red Cross: 2233 7033


Information: 1113

Local Speaking clock: 1112

Problems with your mobile phone: 1193

Information for tourists: 1192


ICE (mobile operator - all questions): 1115

Problems or questions about your mobile: 1193


Juan Santamaria International Airport: 2437-2626


Cima Hospital: 2208-1143 or 2208-1000 (

Cima Emergencies: 2208-1144

Poison Control Center: 2223-1028

Hospital Clinica Biblica: 2522-1000 (

Children's Hospital: 2523-3600


US Embassy: 2519 2000

Canadian Embassy: 2242-4400

Belgian Embassy: 2225-6633

German Embassy: 2296-6790

British Embassy: 2258-2025

Israel Embassy: 2221-6444

Spanish Embassy: 2221-7005

Swiss Embassy: 2221-4829

We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.
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