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Moving to a new place is always an exciting endeavour: new career opportunities, new acquaintances and new challenges await. However, before you set out on the new adventure, there is quite a lot to think about, and, eventually, you will need to plan the nitty-gritty of your relocation to Macau.

Hiring a reputable international moving company will take a lot of worry off your shoulders and give you plenty of time and space to focus on the more important parts of your relocation process than moving boxes.

Removal company

First, you will need to choose a relocation company. Set up a meeting with a relocation counsellor for an in-house estimate. Make sure to write out a list of all the objects that will need special care (glass objects, mirrors, pieces of art, etc.). It is also important that you make it clear to the removal company what you will do yourself (dismantling furniture, packing dishes, etc.) and what you will need their help with.

When it comes to the cost estimate, the following will be considered by the removal company:

  • Your current location;
  • Destination address in Macau;
  • Volume and weight of the things that need to be transported;
  • How your things will be transported (air, train, vessel, etc.);
  • Terms and conditions of the services, damage insurance;
  • The company’s prices and available payment plans.


The removal company will unload your belongings directly at the destination address. However, some companies will unload your things in warehouses instead, and you will need to pick them up yourself — this often involves additional costs that should be considered.

You will need to make an exhaustive inventory of your belongings to establish a “declaration of value”. The declaration of value is an important document that will specify the amount of compensation that you will receive in case of loss or damage to your property. Make sure to carefully go through the terms and conditions of the contract, especially when it comes to the transportation of precious objects.

Your relocation company will offer your various insurance options — the cost of your insurance protection will depend on the total value of your belongings indicated in the declaration of value document. After the purchase of insurance, you will be issued a certificate.

The final step is signing a waybill before loading and after the delivery of your property — your signature on this document is the permission for the removal company to go ahead.

  Good to know:

Contact the Chinese embassy or consulate for more information about relocation to Macau, proceedings, items prohibited for import, etc.

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