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Tianjin, China, offers numerous professional opportunities for foreigners. It is one of China's busiest ports and is home to several economic areas.

Tianjin is an important port city in northeastern China, one of the five central national cities and one of China’s largest urban areas with the population of over 15 million. The city is a choice destination for expatriates and investors worldwide and about 30-40k expats call Tianjin their home.

The cost of living in Tianjin is also much cheaper compared to first-tier cities, but the city hosts numerous big companies and industries recruiting expats and it shouldn’t be difficult for a foreign professional to find a job in Tianjin. Read about Tianjin’s economy, update your CV and start job-hunting!

Tianjin's economy

Tianjin is a rapidly developing city with the GDP of 1,333.9 billion yuan. It has several economic areas, including the Tianjin Baodi Economic and Technological Development Zone, the Tianjin High Technologies Industrial Park, the Tianjin Export Processing Zone, the Wuqing Development Zone and Huayuan Industrial Development Zone, etc. All of these contribute significantly to the city's GDP.

Tianjin's economy is based on several sectors, namely petrochemicals, biotechnology, pharmaceutical production, textile, automobile, metallurgy, mechanics, electronics, as well as high-tech, information and communication technologies and tourism. Agriculture, through the cultivation of rice, wheat, maize and cereals, is also very important.

Moreover, the city hosts the region's busiest port, as well as a multitude of international companies including Toyota, Samsung, HP and many more. You will also find many prestigious banks and financial institutions. There are also a number of higher education establishments, including the University of Nankai and the University of Civil Aviation of China.

Job-hunting in Tianjin

If you want to work in Tianjin, it should not be difficult to find a job, provided you have the required skills, as various sectors seek foreign expertise. Take the time to identify companies, which are more likely to recruit expatriates. You may send spontaneous applications to these, accompanied by your updated CV. Don’t underestimate the importance of professional networking (or “guanxi” as it’s called in China). It is common practice to reach out to acquaintances holding positions in the company you wish to work for and asking for guidance or help with employment. Having your CV translated into Chinese will also be helpful when looking for a position at one of the local companies.

In Tianjin, you are most likely to be hired in the fields of high technology, biotechnology, information and communication technology, financial services, tourism, as well as teaching. Job offers are available on the Internet and in the classifieds ads of local newspapers.

You can also get in touch with some of the city’s recruitment agencies to find a position that matches your skills best. It’s always a good idea to check if any of the companies in your country have a branch in Tianjin — applying and being recruited will be much simpler in this case.

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