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From having your baby abroad, to moving in a foreign country with one or more children, expat parents have loads to think and plan about — healthcare, schooling, leisure activities, accommodation. We understand that all this is overwhelming. So, we come to your rescue with a list of five blogs managed by expat mothers, who have travelled that road before.

Mom in Zurich

Mother in Zurich

Whether you are planning to move with your family to Zurich, or searching for inspiration (and why not admit it — guidance) on how to manage relocation with your kids, and make it smooth for everyone, Kate’s blog Mom in Zurich will open your eyes to carefree motherhood. There’s plenty to enjoy in Zurich, such as the transportation infrastructure, easy access to the rest of Europe, and a child-friendly education system. Kate’s posts will give you an insight into travel tips on international destinations, eating out in Zurich, and predominantly being an expat mother of two. Born in Seattle, Kate’s daughters have already lived in three countries and speak four languages — before even having reached their teens. If you are looking for ways to show the world to your children, while you are learning from their fresh perspective on it, definitely stop by Mom in Zurich.

Canadian Expat Mom

Canadian expat mom

Do you sometimes think how beautifully chaotic your life as a parent — combined with your life as an expat — is? Good news, you are not alone. Lisa, a Canadian expat in Congo, and mother of two, shares the same excitement. In her blog Canadian Expat Mom you will drift from posts about life with kids and expat living to travelling with your family around the world for leisure. We like Lisa because she doesn’t let things get to her, but she rises above with her potent tools — humour and writing. From Canada to France to Indonesia to Congo, this blog will convince you that it’s not only possible to explore the world with children, but it’s also a thrill.

Chronicles of Yoyo

Chronicles of Yoyo

You are still trying to process all this information about your life radically changing — you and your husband are expecting a baby! And then it hits you — expecting a baby in a country whose language you don’t speak (as yet), and whose autobahn speed limit you haven’t figured out (maybe because there isn’t any). Keep calm. Yoyo, a Singaporean expat in Frankfurt, with her blog Chronicles of Yoyo will lend you a helping hand. She has been there done that, and yes, being away from family and friends during a pregnancy isn’t ideal. But reading her tips, and following her journey, Yoyo will make you see things as they are — you will discover the beauty of a new culture along with your child.

Californian Mum in London

californian mum in London

For every rainy day in London there’s something to love about this city — the theatres, the parks, the art galleries, the boutiques, the Philharmonic Orchestra, the street entertainment, the museums, London never stops to amaze. This is probably what Elfa from California felt while living in London temporarily — and never went back. Californian Mum in London is your ultimate guide to the city of London, and how to make the most of it with children. If you ever questioned what is the right thing for your children — the city or the country — Elfa has all it takes to convince you that cosmopolitan cities are great places for kids (as long as you know where to go and what to do).

Mum of Boys & Mabel

Mum of boys and Mabel

If your expat life is taking you and your family to Dubai, congratulations, you have just made a new friend there — Louise from the UK, who is living in the United Arab Emirates with her husband and three kids. In her blog Mum of Boys & Mabel, Louise puts into practice years of journalistic experience, and generously gives firsthand information on lifestyle, beauty, and of course children. We all have heard it — Dubai’s shopping malls are incomparable. If you are getting lost among the variety of options, check out Louise’s shopping lists before you pound the pavement. The blog is very truthful and accurate, but equally funny and amusing — because being a mother is much easier when you are equipped with humour.