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Dante Speaks

journal of a pinoy expat in saudi

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Laura of  Arabia

A guide to living in and surviving Saudi Arabia

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Little Pink Strawberries

Everyday life in Riyadh from a woman's point of view.

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Samzplanet | An Expat's Personal Blog About Life in Dubai and Riyadh

SamzPlanet is the personal blog of a Dubai-born Asian female currently residing in Saudi Arabia.From day-to-day observations (& interactions) of social, cultural, political or religious issues that directly or indirectly affect me, SamzPlanet will also feature my reviews of products and services like restaurants, spas, places to visit, places to shop, etc.

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Living & Working in Saudi Arabia

Discussion on what it is like to live, work, and do business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Welcome to my blog! As an 18-year-old Arab-American living in Saudi Arabia, I have the opportunity to experience life in the Middle East in a way that not every westerner has the chance to. I am able to view and understand both the Arab and Western viewpoints with teenage perspective and experiences. For many years I have wanted to begin writing a blog about my daily life in this very different part of the world where culture and tradition play a very major role in society, and finally I have decided to put my experiences into written words. I hope that my blog will give you insight about life in the KSA that will help you come to a better understanding of what it is like. In addition to my experiences abroad, I will be writing about general issues that are meaningful to me and worldly matters that have grabbed my attention.

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Ya Salam Cooking

The world is at your fingertips.

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Black Chick In Saudi

The experiences and semi-daily rumblings of an independent, opinionated Black American woman living as an ex-pat, and trailing spouse in Saudi Arabia.

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Leap of Faith!

A blog about taking risks, hoping for the best and always trusting in God: joys and struggles of a family of five living in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabia travels

my blogis information about saudi,like cost of living,school's,bank,s housing,jobs, vehicles, expat's problems, visa information ,more then 60 post to help you out, read and leave comment if you like that,

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This blog basically is all about my thoughts on social issues that affect myself & others here in Saudi Arabia and in the Philippines.

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Bake Fresh

Bake at home ideas and recipes

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Get2Know Saudi Arabia

My blog lists out the various events, rules, employment opportunities and other General Information regarding Saudi Arabia.

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Impressions about adjusting to life in Saudi Arabia

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Life is a roller coaster ride...

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Canadian in Riyadh

A young Canadian woman documents her experiences in Saudi Arabia

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July’s blog of the month: The Fashion Matters

Hadas first left her home country, Israel, to study fashion business in New York. Ever since, she has visited more than 25 countries and has lived as an expat in France and England where she pursued a Master’s degree and is currently planning to get married. Hadas is a genuinely creative person, whose passion for exploring the world and fashion is evident in her three-year-old blog The Fashion Matters  — an endless source of inspiration for stylish travellers.