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Gutsy Living: Life is too short to play it safe

Sonia Marsh is a %u201CGutsy%u201D woman who can pack her carry-on and move to another country in one day. She is the founder of the "My Gutsy Story" series, a popular contest on her blog. She says everyone has a %u201CMy Gutsy Story%u201D; some just need a little help to uncover theirs. Her story, told in her travel memoir Freeways to Flip-Flops: A Family%u2019s Year of Gutsy Living on a Tropical Island, is about chucking it all and uprooting her family to reconnect on an island in Belize. Sonia has lived in many countries %u2013 Denmark, Nigeria, France, England, the U.S. and Belize %u2013 Sonia Marsh considers herself a citizen of the world. She holds a degree in environmental science from the University of East Anglia, U.K., and now lives in Southern California with her husband, Duke. Sonia welcomes new friends, bloggers, writers and readers at ( Contact her at: or

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La Gringa's Blogicito

Life of an expatriate American woman in La Ceiba, Honduras, (for 10 years) touches on cultural differences, Honduran politics, as well as everyday life.

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Migration to Honduras

It is the first time in my life I am moving to another country. After some months I do not regret my decision to move to Honduras. At the beginning it was quite hard as everything was new. With this blog I would like to share my experience and to help other immigrants in getting their stuff done.

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La Vida de Perro

Richard Eyer Smith's Excellent Adventures in Paradise

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Ma vie martiniquaise

My experimental blog dictating my experience as an English Assistant in Martinique

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A life abroad

Here I share stories about our lives in Jamaica, including tidbits about Ocho Rios, challenges and blessings of being an expat stay at home mom, and even recipes.

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Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua

I am an expat with 8 years of experience in Nicaragua. My husband and I retired in Nicaragua on Ometepe Island.

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A Dull Roar

Chronicles a family's move from Oregon to Southern Costa Rica and all the surprises and delights along the way. Filled with stories about daily life, scenery, and the enjoyment of Costa Rica's wonderful biodiversity.

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One More Good Adventure

A general blog about whatever is on my mind at the moment and the experience of growing old in someone else's country.

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My Year in Haiti

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Mom's the Word: A New Mom [Trying] to Keep Her Cool in Nicaragua

A young expat couple, from the States, decides to get pregnant, give birth, and raise their daughter in Nicaragua.

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Retire for Less in Costa Rica

The symbol of this website is the brilliant, Blue Morpho butterfly that is native to Costa Rica. There is a fable about the Blue Morpho, that if you see one, miracles can happen, dreams can come true. The goal of this Web site is to give people who share the dream of retiring in Costa Rica a place to ask questions, learn about life here, and find helpful products and services. Whether you have already visited and fallen in love with Costa Rica, or you are just thinking about retiring in a place where your money will go further, this Web site is for you.

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El Castillo

My experiences living and working on the beach in Costa Rica. El Castillo is the name of the hotel I found. I rented my own room and started my own kitchen to service the guests and locals.

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Tierralinda Blog - All about living and investing in Costa Rica

While being the first time in Costa Rica we, my business partner and I realized that there was not much information regarding the start of a new life or investment in Costa Rica. This led to us launching an agency called Tierralinda. Since launching the agency, we have helped numerous people start a new life in Costa Rica or find good investments. We realized quickly that this business goes beyond just selling real estate. To name a few examples, we had to consult people about establishing investment funds, Teak-Wood plantation conditions, coffee-farming, alternative energies, how to start up a bed-and-breakfast business, ostrich farming, administration of corporations, etc. I could go on and on. So in this blog you will find everything regarding investing and living in Costa Rica.

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Life and Times of the Dominican Gringa

A blog of my life in Dominican Republic, my thoughts on life and the way I view things around me

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Costa Rica Travel Journals

In my Costa Rica Travel Journals you'll find my stories and reflections on life here in this tropical wonderland. My personal accounts give you all the information of a guide book and so much more. Here you have a window through which you can imagine what your own life in Costa Rica might be like.

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Costa Rica Weather

The Caribbean side of Costa Rica is unique to Costa Rica in many ways, including weather. Everybody wants to know the weather! I’m no weather man but every day I’ll go out, look around and then report back, with photos and commentary.

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Common Visions

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American Expat living in El Salvador

Join a 43 year old former Ballet Dancer and Police Officer, her Coffee Roasting, beer brewing, husband and their 5 year-old daughter on their move to El Salvador, as they head through customs, find a home, enjoy daily living and explore the country advising you all the way.

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5 of our favourite photoblogs

A picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of reading up about life in your destination of choice, have a look at some of our bloggers who have shared a wealth of photographs to help you discover what life in their country is really like.

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