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News Shorts from Samara Beach, Costa Rica

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The Wright Time in Belize

In March 2012, we made the decision to get out of our comfort zone of being retired in the States, embark on an adventure, and move to Belize. From house remodeling projects and cooking with different ingredients to learning more about and adapting to a different culture, follow us as we chronicle the ups, downs, and everything in between building a new life in a new country. David and Elizabeth Wright

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The experiences and adventures of a couple of a long-married couple of retired software engineers living on the beach in Belize. We love bikes, birds, hiking, and our Boston Terrier, Paisley.

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On your Todd , in the Bahamas

Journalist and. Novelist in The Bahamas.

I Married The Pool Boy

In 2009, I went to Cuba for a one-week all-inclusive holiday. And ended up with a Cuban husband. There were, as you can imagine, some steps in between. This blog is about living and loving between Cuba and Canada.

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Amor y Sabor

A multicultural fairy tale of food, family and love, this blog intertwines the cultures of the Dominican Republic, United States and India, through posts on culture, food, visa process and more.

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Sunset Sisters

About life on Nevis.

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Letters to My Friends

My blog is about my life in Belize - what I do, where I go, how I live, what I love and what I hate.

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Life Out of the Box

We moved Nicaragua to create a business that gives back to the world. In a big way. We have calculated the risk in moving to Nicaragua and it is the best opportunity we have to start a business while being able to the live the life we want right now. They say an entrepreneur is a calculated risk taker and that’s exactly what we are. After months of analysis and crunching the numbers, we found that not only can we comfortably afford to live abroad but we can also dedicate 100% of our time there to our business due to the low cost of living and currency exchange. While evaluating our decision we realized that we could not live the life we wanted to while starting our own business right now, at age 25, here in America. So, we have taken our vision, along with our knowledge and experience from America and are using it all to create our own business and life in Nicaragua. We hope to inspire you as you follow us, to show you that it is possible to take the leap. But if nothing else we hope to just entertain you and give you a unique perspective into the life of two 25 year olds discovering the world while making a better life for those around them. We have no path to follow but our own. To learn through action and our own experiences of dedicating our lives to starting something much bigger than us. So, here we go, join us as we begin our new life out of the box.

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Bill and Jamie's Excellent Adventure

Our blog is the story of our relocation to Costa Rica from Berkeley, California.

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Future Expats Forum

I help future expats plan and prepare for their move, establish portable careers, and I share my experiences in Panama

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Ti Domnik Tales

Stories, articles, reflections, musings about Dominica

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My life moving to San Pedro Belize from Manhattan as a single woman. My daily blog is my life. What it took to make the move...and how things are going 6 years later.

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Living in Honduras as a foreigner is sometimes hard, mostly fun and never boring. Stranger Than Fiction was a title I considered for this Blog, because really… But this Blog is about more than just the oddities of my life in the not-so tranquil, cobble-stoned town of Copán Ruinas. Hence Serendipity, the gift of finding without seeking…

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Nature Whisper

A lifestyle blog about traveling, culture, food, art, and design .. and reviews along the way.

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A Woman, A Plan, A Canal - Teaching in Panama

A young music teacher moves to Panama for a job at an international school. Read along as she shares her unique anecdotes, travelogues, and the joys of living in Panama

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My husband and I are visiting several countries, Italy, Ecuador and now Panama trying to decide where to finally retire.

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Life TransPlanet

Our blog chronicles the steps and adventures in buying property in Rincon, Puerto Rico, fixing it up, and finally moving and transitioning from Colorado to Puerto Rico.

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Not your average expats! I am a single, working mother of three now living in San Pedro, Belize. We practice attachment parenting and unschooling and find happiness in living our life, our way.

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The Black Gringa

An expat blog that covers both moving to Ecuador specifics about traveling to Cuba.

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