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Tubbygaijin - A Brit in Osaka

Blogging about life in Japan. Festivals, culture and geeky stuff.

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A blog about things to do in Tokyo and travelling around the world!

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Gu Choki Pa

Chronicles of the everyday life of an American family of six living in central Japan.

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Follow me on my adventures in Japan

From An Alien's Eyes

A stranger living in a whole new world, the land of cherry blossoms.

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For Now, Japan

2.5 years after moving to Japan to teach, I started this blog. It follows my adventures that range from international travel to weekend day trips. I try to write about interesting cultural differences, as well as personal experiences and thoughts that pertain to expat life.

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Tokyo Writer

Find out about Tokyo and writing and parenting every week with Tokyo writer. Posts include info on local culture, arts, food and more. I often write about writing and parenting - with an expat focus, of course

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Like Some Cat from Japan

Two American Newlyweds trade the wide open plains of Oklahoma for the neon jungle of Kansai.

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Daily life in Osaka, Japan, with a focus on culture, food and travel around Japan.

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This is MY LIFE

Still finding my way in the land of the rising sun but here is my life

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The Intercultural Blog

This an intercultural blog where you can understand some cultures of many countries by easy ways like cartoons, videos and interviews

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A Canadian in Japan

Rachel Lake is a Canadian currently living in Japan via the JET Programme. She writes about teaching and living in Japan as well as about travels around Asia.

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Purple Pen in Japan

musings of a female foreigner working and living in Japan

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And So It Goes

An American in Tokyo. Like a lot of others.

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Jersey Joshii

I am living in Japan for a year with home trips every three months where my husband and dog await my return. I am working on one of the largest energy projects in the world and eating my way through Japan.

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Velvet Alley

Konnichiwa, my name is Christi and I am an American expat living in Japan since the spring of 2011. I'm enjoying my everyday life here in this weird country. This is a personal blog about the fun, life and adventure of living in Japan. FYI, I say "fuck" a lot. Sorry.


Love and culture shock in Kansai.

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Living and Teaching in Japan

My blog is about living and teaching in Japan. It's funny. Some topics include: cultural differences, Japan is ridiculous, EngRish, situational anecdotes, I hate kanji, and much, much more.

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Japan Explained

Answers to the questions that pop into expats' heads as they go about their life in Japan or read about it in newspapers and books. Started blog in December 2007

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