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Don Piano Wizard Academy
An Academy of Fun, Laughter & Learning Success

For Parents:

- Mum, my piano teacher is too strict and has no sense of humour.

- Dad, my piano teacher seldom praises me for the right thing done during lesson but often scolds me for my mistakes made!

- Mum, I want to have piano lessons. Three months later, your child says, Mum, I want to quit piano lessons.

- I do not want to practise the piano, mummy. I just do not know how to practise right. I get scolded every time by my piano teacher.

Do the above conversations sound too familiar to you? These show that your children are not getting the right teachers that can bring out the best from them! And getting the wrong teachers for your children could kill their long-term interests in learning the piano.

Don Piano Wizard Academy, founded 25 years ago by Mr. Don, is a music academy that is deeply-loved by many students and parents in Kuala Lumpur. The learning at the academy is fun and full of laughter, while producing many high-flying music students at the same time.

Mr. Don is a UK music graduate, specializes in classical, pop and jazz piano. Let our creative, dedicated and patient music educator, Mr. Don, inspire, motivate, encourage, guide, praise, grow and celebrate with your children!

How would you like to hear these from your children?

- Mum, I know how to play the piano well!

- Dad, my piano teacher often teaches my favourite songs to me!

- Hurray! My piano teacher let me participate in the piano competition!

- Mum, I could not wait to request my school teacher this morning to allow me performing on the piano during weekly morning assembly!

Parents, it is time to let your children learn the piano! Music is your childrens life-long treasure. Come to Don Piano Wizard Academy and experience heart-pounding music! This is the best gift you can ever give to your children!

For Adult Learners:

Whether you are a complete beginner or advanced piano player, you will find your music passion in Don Piano Wizard Academy. Whether you want to learn a new skill i. e. jazz piano, or you just want to learn the piano for self/family entertainment, or extending your classical piano studies for a music qualification purpose, there is always something for the adult learners at the Academy!

It is never too late to pick up piano playing! So, do not hesitate to make a friendly call to inquire more about the piano lessons at 018-2068112 (Mr. Don).

Go experience the joy and charm of piano playing to Don Piano Wizard Academy!
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