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by: is based in the Colombian capital, written by a 17 year old who left her home in Norway at the age of 16 to get some new views on the world. The site highlights the struggles of moving abroad without the safety of your parents for the first time, as well as how it is for a teenager to be abroad. Oh, and all the clumsy encounters that come along on the way.

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  • A Danish Christmas in Colombia

    When you move away from home for the first time, it usually isn’t going to be the smoothest ride ever. When you’re 16, oh, and moving to ...

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  • Then there was School

    On the 2nd of September, I was no longer an illegal immigrant and almost back to my healthy self - just in time to realise that I just had two days ...

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  • How to Avoid Getting Sick While Travelling

    These days, people travel further than ever before. More and more destinations worldwide are opening their arms for international travellers, but a ...

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  • My Days as an Illegal Immigrant

    Go on Google and search for Popayan, and you’ll see, just a little bit, of why this is a city that is so easy to fall in love with in a very ...

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