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From Boise to Belo
From Boise to Belo bypaulaperry

A 10-month adventure for a family of 4. One who is fluent in Portuguese (and thus, why we are here), another who stumbles along, and two young ones ...

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8 years ago

Hi Paula, My name is Natacha and I live in BH with my two boys and my husband. We moved here from New Hampshire in June/2009. I am actually from here ( and american citizen) and my husband was born in NH. I loved your blog and felt excited to find it, as I was looking for expats families here in BH from the USA. It is not an easy adaptation process and friends make all the difference. I hope you guys feel better about being here every day, as I do wish us to feel the same. Feel free to contact me if you would like. My email is Who knows..maybe we could even set up some play time for our kids..Best luck! Natacha

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