Notes on a Dysfunctional Society

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Notes on a Dysfunctional Society

Not necessarily saying that NZ is dysfunctional, more that the whole world is. Random thoughts from a professional expat in my 5th country.

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  • My app is published.. What next?

    Well, my first app is now live in the App Store. I must say that though it is but a simple app, I am proud of what I have created.It is only now that ...

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  • Building My First iOS App

    So I have just completed my first ever iOS app. While I still need to go through the approval process to get it into the app store, I'm feeling ...

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  • Martial Arts in Wanganui

    Since arriving in New Zealand last year, I have spent a good deal of time in Wanganui. It is a town that I have always known in some ways, but have ...

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  • Using the Leap Motion for Controlling My Mac

    I remember a few years back I hated using the little trackpad on my laptop and always carried a spare mouse with me so that I could control my ...

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