The Musings Of A Misfit

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The Musings Of A Misfit
The Musings Of A Misfit bykittie1823

A blog all about myself and my crazy family. We consider ourselves to be unconventional.

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  • Ngh.

    So, Liam moved in and everything is supposed to be happy…right? Well, I don’t feel that way. Maybe it’s because this is not our ...

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  • And Now…For Something Else…

    Just finished watching a programme on the BBC about taxi drivers in India. I know how different our lives are in the Western world to those in the ...

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  • Bowling Ball

    So…what’s happened since I last said anything? Ah yes, I found out that we are having a boy! (yay!…or not, ask me again in a few ...

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  • Where Did My Self Esteem Go?

    And really, I’d like it back please. It’s taking the piss. My hormones are officially on leave of my senses and I have turned into the ...

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