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All about life in Yemen in general and Sana'a in particular

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  • Fuel subsidies

    Last week, fuel at the pump nearly dubbled in price.  A liter of petrol now costs nearly $1, and that in a country where 40% of the population ...

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  • Electricity - or Living Without it

    The other day I came across a couple of websites of Americans who have chosen to live without electricity. Apart from the question how they can post ...

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  • Yemeni Women

    Sometimes I am asked how women live in this country. This isn't an easy question because there are huge differences in lifestyle among Yemeni ...

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  • Eid Mubarak

    Eid again - this time really for the Muslims who went on hajj. Nevertheless, the other people celebrate, too: sheep are slaughtered, new clothes are ...

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6 years ago

Dear Sister, I like this blog and particularly the way you advise sounds me great. I am planning to bring my wife, kids and my mother to settle down in Aden, Yemen from Islamabad, Pakistan. The reason behind this move is my newely planned livlihood, i mean i am about to start trading business here on self employed basis.Currently i m in Djibouti. I would also like to know about buying residential property options in Aden for foreigners like me. Any further information deems you fit to pass on, Please brief me accordingly. Regards.

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