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meh, what culture shock?

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  • Things I ate in France

    All of the below, with the welcome addition of some cool, sweet melon charentais and Bayonne ham (delectable), foie gras as made by my mother (divine ...

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  • Things I am looking forward to eating in France

    On Friday morning, I leave for Toulouse to catch up with family and a beach holiday. Despite my repeat reminders to myself to focus on the here and ...

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  • The routine of no routine

    Here at No Direction Home, no two days are ever exactly alike. That definitely sounds more exciting than what reality has to offer. There are of ...

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  • and another thing

    Hello dear neglected blog. Yes I know the extent of my flakiness, but it's not like you are going to thwack me over the head every time I fail ...

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7 years ago

Hi Stefgibbs, Very straight forward but find that is the best way to go anyway. So what are your fav muffins to make?? I am a fervent baker as well and muffins are my favourites too.

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