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I came to Japan after graduating with a social science degree and an anxious sense of "what do I do with my life?". Somehow I'm still here and haven't yet figured it out. This blog ranges from my experiences on the JET program, where I was placed in Ibaraki prefecture in 2013, to where I currently am: a salarywoman in Tokyo. This blog is a collection of my embarrassing misadventures and is in the tone of the voice in your head" in the key of "a whiny sarcastic British person".

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  • Exoplanets, Embassies and fig tempura

    Matt's astrophysicist friend released a book about exoplanets and we got to attend a fancy launch party at the British Embassy in Tokyo. ...

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  • The Wider Perspective

    I took a picture of a little doodle I did in my notebook.. sorry about the lighting, I don't have a fancy scanner.Don't we all

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  • Yamanashi Typhoon

    The plan was to spend a beautiful weekend in Yamanashi prefecture. I was particularly keen because I have never seen mount-Fuji up close before. The ...

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  • Hiking Mitake in 360 degrees!

    We actually planned to climb Fuji, but it didn't work out for technical reasons. So we decided to do Mitake instead. Turned out to be a great ...

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