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Serendipitous Adventurer

The fortunate accidents of an American Teacher with insatiable wanderlust. A real life account of the friends, discoveries and mishaps that happen along the way!

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  • Fortune favors the BOLD!

    As Americans in Shanghai, there are times when you crave Sweet & Sour chicken, a carton of Shrimp friend rice or even Crab Rangoons. I know ...

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  • House Hunters International: Shanghai Edition

    Welcome to The Rose's House Hunters International : ShanghaiMost of you might not know this but the Mrs and I are House Hunters International ...

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  • Let them eat cake! ((from a rice cooker))

    So, the other day I was surfing the net for useless things.I was updating Facebook, when I saw a link in my newsfeed that a friend had posted. ...

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  • Our New NORMAL

    Begin at the beginning...So here we are newlyweds packing our bags, boarding a plane headed back to Shanghai for another year.But let's take a ...

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