6000 miles from civilisation...

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6000 miles from civilisation...
6000 miles from civilisation... by6000

A wry look at everything South African, some things British and occasionally some other stuff too. Nothing is sacred, save for Castle Milk Stout.

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  • Galactic editing

    After I posted a photo I took over the weekend, long-suffering reader and all-round top ‘tog Chris J Wormwell (you may remember him from such ...

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  • Google Docs as Word Processor Alert

    “If you use Google Docs as your Word Processor, you need to be aware of this!” proclaimed the clickbait, and I do, so thought I’d ...

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  • WSW

    And so, without any more ado, and not ever so much fanfare, here’s one of the photos I took over the weekend. It’s quite dark (hey, it ...

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  • Rollback

    I solved my problem yesterday by using the System Restore tool to travel back in time to a point when I didn’t have the catchily-named Windows ...

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6 years ago

Helped me out no end when I moved to SA.Thoroughly recommend his honest opinions and no nonsense approach.

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