Meeting expats in Nicaragua

Hello all - My significant other and I are coming to Nicaragua in late October to begin our process of looking for a country in which to retire. She's been there about 3 other times, this will be my first visit.  We are hoping to meet up with some expats while in country to try and get a better feel for Nicaragua in general.  We will be spending some time in Estoli, but will also will in Leon, Granada, SJDS, and possibly San Carlos, among other locations.  Any suggestions on where to meet some expats in any of these towns and cities?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Madone Rider & welcome to!

I hope that other members will give you some tips.


Hi Madame Rider,

Please feel free to contact me. My husband and I live on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. I have many expat friends in Granada and other areas of Nicaragua. Let me know how I can help you.


Please visit my blog at:

Thank you for the invite to contact you.  I look forward to reading your blog.

Madone Rider

Hi Madone!

I would be happy to give you information about the awesome city of León, Nicaragua. We have a small but growing expat community here and if you like the benefit of a large city with a hometown feel then you really should make León a stop on your quest for a place to retire. I have a blog you can visit if you would like news about Nicaragua and how retirees like yourselves are discovering this new jewel of Central America.

No matter what city you finally choose to put down roots, I think you will find Nicaragua to be the perfect retirement destination that you had never dreamed of before.

I'm here to help!

Coolcaroline - Thank you for the information.  I look forward to reading your blog.  Leon is certainly on my radar screen.

Madone Rider

When you arrive at your first stop, post here that your here and looking to meet xpats in The city your in.
My significant other, of 41 years this May, and I will be moving to Granada between May 1st and June 30th.  Whenever the Spirit moves us.  We too are looking for a place to settle.  We have been visiting Nica since 1978. We love the people.  We also want to take a trip to Equador.  Maybe spend a month in a few different towns that look appealing to us. 
Good luck to you guys.
Maybe our paths will cross in the future.

For the past 4 years, I've been living part time in Nicaragua, part time in Costa Rica, and part time in Florida.  I would like to meet expats in Nicaragua.  If anyone is in the Esteli area and would like to meet for coffee or lunch, drop me a line.

To meet expats in different regions in Nicaragua, I advise you to become a member in one of the expat groups in FACEBOOK. In Leon for example, we have several groups, and  often an expat lunch or trip to other cities is organized.

Look for "Expats in... (for example Esteli, Nicaragua, Managua, Leon, Granada...).

Did you have any luck meeting xpats ?
Just wondering.  I too will be coming down.  Probably June.  I usually do this every other year and spend a few months in an area.  Been visiting Nica since 1978.  Love it. 
Good luck to you guys.

Where to you like to go and to stay in Nicaragua, city and/or beach? 

Have you found AirB&B's or Bed and breakfast casas?  city/beach

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