Food Business

Hi, I am from Expat living in Abu Dhabi, I want to start a Food Business in Baku from small level.

anyone can guide me in this regarding this.....!

appreciate that....!

(i am by profession accountant but my passion is cooking)

Hi Food Passion,

Welcome to :)

What would you like to know exactly?
Are your questions based on the procedures to follow to open such a business ? or maybe do you want to know what kind of food business is the most successful in Baku?

Please feel free to tell us more on your search so that we can guide you more effectively.


Priscilla team  :cheers:

Thanks Priscilla, Yes I am looking the procedure to follow up such a business as well as what kind of food business.

Initially My Plan to open a stall in baku like fast food type or burger shop.


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