Working for a Oilfield Service Company in the Iraq Kurdistan

Hi every one, I'm new in the forum.
I should go working in the Iraqui Kurdistan between Iraq-Turky-Syria in an oild field with rotational basis.
My question is: I'm not so sure if the security in this part of the word is good to say is safe to work in the oil field? someone involved in the same businees could help me to understand if I do have to acept or not this job offer?
Thanks in advance

Hi stefano
I know that i'm replying a little late bit late but i hope it's still be useful for you.
I'm a doctor whom worked for about 3-4 years in oil fields in Kurdistan and I would recommend working there, it's 100% safe the and the security is really good usually by international companies and the salary is decent. Go for it
Best regards
Ali Naser

Please come this place is very good

Come on go ahead to work there ,its safe

Hello Munqith and welcome to :)

Since the Original Poster haven't replied for more than 6 months,  I don't think you will have an answer ;) .

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