Problems with selling motorbike

im trying to sell my motorbike in Vientiane, Laos, and made an advertisement on But when i search in Google for "buy motorbike in Laos" and click in the page of expat, i can see a Lot of ads but mine not. Can somebody help me?
Thanks in advance,

There are small shops that expats use which will allow you to advertise in their windows. Try hotels, guesthouses too.

Your advert appears if you type 'motorbikes for sale Vientiane' into your search engine. I found it easily enough. The site was at the very top of the page.

Yeah the expat site is in the top but if i click on it their a a lot of bikes but just not mine.
Thanks for your Help, i will try to hang up flyers in hostels

Unless you pay Google, you will not be able to place a single advert for your bike.

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