Azerbaijan temporary resident visa (TRP)

Azerbaijan Temporary Residence or TRP .
Today will explain Who , How you can apply for residence .
Azerbaijan is one of the most difficult country for residence card.Even getting a temporary residence permit in Turkey is easier than Azerbaijan. However Nation of Europe countries like England ,France can get reject.Detail can find migration website .Well let's talk about how you can get a residence permit in Azerbaijan.
First of all, if you are not a statesman, or if you have not been invited by the government, then you must choose one of the options below.

1- Marriage
Marriage is most used as the shortest way to get a residence in almost all countries. In Azerbaijan its same situation.If you marry the Azerbaijani citizen man/ women, you will be eligible to a residence.But it's not that easy, you have to be very handsome or you have money to get married.

2- İnvestment

This is an easy option for those who are more rich. If you have at least 60,000 usd to invest, you can use this option .Likewise can invest money to bank with yearly percentage income & gain to right to live.According to migration rule its mentioned as below.
-      investing at least 500,000 manat (295,000 USD ) in the country's economy.
-     If there is property in the amount of at least 100,000 manats (60,000 USD  ) on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan or the same amount in the banks of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

3- Family members
If any of family members have residence in Azerbaijan you can apply on behalf of him/her.For this, of course, the family should  allow you and sponsor the family.
According to migration rule family member its mentioned as below.
the spouse of a foreigner or stateless person, children under the age of 18, non ability to work children under the age of 18 and their parents.

4- Business set up 
Business is among the most preferred. If you have an ongoing business and want to expand it or you have a skills that sure to give you good income ,it can be a good choicebut you should register your own company or branch. If you have registered your company, the following 3 people can apply for the residence card .

A) Company Director
B) Company Partners
C) Assistant director

5- Education & Employee
Education is the easiest way to get a visa and to study and visit. You can apply Language course , Bachelor , Master or PhD degree programs.
B- Employee residence or Work Permit
It is one of the most difficult options which mostly get rejection.In order to obtain your permission, you must have a diploma in the area you are applying first. Later Employer should be apply for work permit .Only government fee is 700 USD and given max 1 year residence.

Today explained  options to get residence card , and I hope it's useful. For detailed information you can contact.

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