Tax Advisor Spain (with knowledge of UK Tax)


Anyone recommend a good tax advisor - conversant with Spanish and UK tax:

I need to regularise my tax residency in Spain and need to discuss my UK property, investments, etc.



It would help if you said where you are in Spain so that a nearby professional might be suggested.

I guess you know that under the Double Taxation Agreement 2013 ( … x-treaties) between UK and Spain, that whilst a person living in Spain is taxable there on their worldwide income (and wealth) an exception is rental income in UK.  That is taxable in UK, but must be declared in Spain too as there may be a top up tax.

The only other exception are Crown pensions (Military, police, some NHS staff,  etc.) which are taxable only in UK, but are euphemistically 'taken into consideration' in Spain but not taxed. In my case that means I pay 150% more tax in Spain that did before that rule came in !

Hi there

I’m living outside Madrid but flexible re where tax advisor is based.

I’m a fluent Spanish speaker so language is not an issue.



I have sent you a message.   

I have done it that way as I do not want to advertise anyone here

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